Friday, October 25, 2013

Spirals, Cycles and Patterns

Life moves along like a stream flowing no matter what else is happening.  It is now October, my most favorite time of year.  Fall and Halloween are it for me.  I love the sights, aroma and feeling of this spectacular seasonal cycle.

I attended the Tea Festival in August.  My Reiki and Common Kitchen Medicine was a success.  I surprised myself .  I am usually nervous speaking to more than 5 people at one time...The room was packed but I enjoyed talking about my subject matter so much I forgot to be nervous.

I am still a little lost without my Evie...but I am glad my beloved friend is in a wonderful place.  I had a couple of really good things happen along with some very heart wrenching and disappointing things.  Well, that's life in this physical plane.  The human condition dictates that we must work with the ego/emotion partnership and sometimes it causes us humans to have fickle and hurtful traits.  It is unintentional for the most part.  no matter how difficult to accept it is.   Which brings me to where I am now.  Once again, contemplating an important lesson my "Inner Guidance" presented to me years ago.  The "Formula for Emotional Control" to help process and not repress painful things and placing myself in the "State of Acceptance".  Things are the way they occurred the way they occurred...if I process them by utilizing the formula...I won't add more angst to the table and I can open myself up to the  process of working through the discomfort.  Embrace it and allow it to run it's course.

Resistance causes resistance.  I learned the hard way that when something is bothering push it away will make it push back.  The push and pull will keep going until I escalate and project my discomfort uncontrollably.  If I choose to repress the discomfort, it will lay dormant inside of me and grow.  And it will rear it's even larger head at another time, some times years later.  Triggered by something not even remotely related.  Neither of these choices work for me.  I am conditioning myself to face the discomfort of painful situations.  When it's gone it's gone and I always gain a bit of inner wisdom.  Like a little prizes in the bottom of the cracker jack box.

Moving on, a lot has happened since I last wrote in August.  For one thing we have a new puppy.  A friend of mine works in an animal shelter and she told me about some puppies that were found under someone's house.  When she was talking about them I knew in my heart I was going to ask for one.  We adopted him 3 weeks ago.  He is precious, busy, bratty and generally a handful.  But worth it.

I am now up before daylight walking my little guy.  It's really good for me and it is amazing to see how fast he is learning things and growing.  My life is shaping itself into a new pattern.  I have no idea what the end product will be.  I am just taking it one day at a time.  My dreams are more vivid and I am more "energy" sensitive than ever.

I am a bit scattered and chaotic at the moment.  Yet calm, taking it in stride.  Because I know I am entering yet another new cycle in my life spiral.  It all begins with patterns.

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