Saturday, March 10, 2012

Making a Treatise of Peace with Nature (Conduction or Resistance)?

I learned quite by accident how to make peace with critters around me. I am not exactly sure how it works. It certainly is not any type of scientific method, at least by this physical world’s standards. It may be a mixture of “strange quantum physics” and a smidgeon of Shamanism. Who knows?

It really doesn’t matter what label or category it is related to. It works for me and that is what matters.

Over the years I came to realize that every being on this planet has a purpose. From cockroaches to Bigfoot. Everything has a right to be here and is part of a balance.

It took me some years for the Insolence of my Ego to recognize that Nature can run very smoothly without me or any humans for that matter but we cannot live without Nature. And all creatures here are part of Nature. Even when we think they are nasty, scary and harmful.

Keeping that in mind, I made my first attempt to “make a treaty” with ants a few years ago. I like ants. I think they are wondrously organized and their culture and work ethic is beyond admirable. However, we were not compatible housemates. They got into my pantry and it was awful. I bought the spray that was recommended and the “poison ant food”, but something held me back.

So I meditated..and asked my Guidance to let the ants know that I would be forced to use poison and kill them because it was my habitat too and they were intruding on my food supply. (actually it was dog food). I waited 24 hours and then I went to spray. I didn’t see any so I didn’t spray. The next day I saw a couple but not the long lines on the march like before.

I held off on the spray and in a week there were no more. The next time I meditated (prayed) I ask my Guidance to thank the ants. No spraying needed and to please tell their friends and family to stay away.

Next I had a nest of black widow spiders under the house. A repairman
came to work on the heat pump and had to go under the house. He was scared and refused to go under there again until the spiders were gone. I was renting in Virginia at the time and he was going to tell the landlord.

I was torn. Black widows are dangerous. I had been bitten a few years back by a brown recluse and it made me so sick. However, spiders are very sacred to me. I don’t know why but they are. I promised to get rid of them and asked him to not tell the landlord unless he found more when he got back. I kind of implied that I would spray and kill them all.

I meditated/prayed with more conscious intent and this time asked my Guidance to let me communicate with the “spider guide”. Okay, I know this sounds crazy but I deal in the scene behind the scenes. (will explain in a bit) Through my Higher Source I pleaded with the spiders to leave their nests and find safer quarters away from the house. Not in the house or under the house any longer because they would be killed.

And it worked. The guy came back a week later and told me what a good job I did of exterminating the spiders.

My next rented house, it was wasps. My partner was going to spray them until all the occupants of the multitude of nests were dead. I asked him to give me 24 hours before spraying. He humored me. (He also made faces and made a few patronizing remarks but what the heck..)

I got busy and asked the Higher Source/My Guides to help me contact the leader of the wasps. I conveyed my dilemma respectfully and asked them to not swarm the carport or dive bomb anyone. To make new nests and find more compatible areas because they would get sprayed.

It worked again.

When I moved to West Virginia, my house had been empty for two years. You can imagine. Spiders, wasps nests, ants and even a couple of mice.

I got busy before my partner began to gather articles for execution. This
time I thanked them for their presence. I asked the wasps to leave their nests and if they refuse to do that to not hang around the house or back porch. I asked the spiders under the house to either move, stay hidden. Both I asked to never bite or sting anyone. I asked the mice to stay out of my house and if they went into the garage to stay out of my stuff. I asked the snakes to stay up the holler in safer places. We did not spray and it’s been over a year and everyone has kept their part of the treaty for the most part.

In fact, a cable technician came to reroute our cable under the house and he was amazed that he did not see one spider. He wanted to know what we were using so he could recommend it to other people. I, of course, did not tell him my method. I was a coward and told him I did not know.

I have even attempted to make a treaty with fleas because my little Sabrina cannot tolerate the flea medicine and we are afraid to put it on Missy now. My dog is the only one receiving monthly doses. So far so good.

The end of last summer we had a couple of rogue wasps dive bombing us. One we caught and let go. The other one hid. I renewed the request for cooperation or Bob was going to spray. Something amazing happened.

Two spider webs appeared the sliding glass door that leads into my house from the back porch. And in the web were two wasps. It appeared that the spiders, not wanting their places to be sprayed because of stubborn wasps, took matters into their own hands.

This is when my partner finally put away the insecticides and had to admit that my method may be working. Well it’s not my method, it is some natural method that I stumbled on.

I cannot promise that this will work with every critter. I don’t have exact steps to follow but I will give you a more detailed summary of my rationale and conceptual methods.

The basis of it all lies in my thoughts on the Natural world and Nature. I explained that at the beginning.

My perception of life is in layers. The physical world being the manifestation point of the other layers of life. Like a play being performed. That is the manifestation of the writer, producer, actors. The finished product is performed in front of the audience. This represents the physical world to me

In the scene behind the scenes is where the real work is done. In a play, writing, rewriting, editing, choosing the actors, rehearsing, marketing…all take place in the scene behind the scenes. A place to construct the manifestation of thought, deed and energy. That is where my workings are done. In the scene behind the scenes. The layer behind the physical world.
My next step is to think of what type of treaty I want to make with whatever creature is not cohabitating well with me. I always try to use the process of conduction rather than resistance. Conducting them away rather than resisting them. Force invites force …conduction motivates a flow.

I go to The Higher Source…I personally believe there is a Source of all Life, A Creator Being, and you know I am a big fan of Jesus and a few other representations of the Creator Being. Go to the Highest Source that you have trust in. I ask to communicate with the consciousness of whatever critter I am negotiating with. I also have come to believe that there is a stream of consciousness that is shared within a species. (the hundred monkey theory and all of that)

I think of what I want to communicate in words..and I gather the feeling inside me (the energy of my communication)..I send the words and the feelings to the higher consciousness of the critters I want removed into the “scene behind the scenes”

Kind of like this. I say to myself, “I respect your place in nature but your presence in my habitat is not good for either of us. I must live here but you can easily move to a place that is better for you. Please leave before the poison is brought in.. Please go somewhere else that is more welcoming and compatible or the spray/poison will be used.”

Ask them to be gone in 24/48 hours. Explain that your habitat is dangerous to them and all they have to do is relocate to be safe.

I don't know why this works but it does. And it feels way better to do this than spray, trap or just outright kill them. All I know is it works for me.


  1. Wow, that is wonderful! I love your posts, and have chosen you as a recipient for the versatile blogger award. you can pop in to view it and copy it for your own post if you are interested :)

  2. Thank you, Keltikmystique. That is so kind of you and I am glad you enjoy my ramblings. I will definitely try and find this.

    I wish you the Blessings of Joy, Health and Prosperity.

  3. Oh my stars! Keltikmystique beat me cause I'm giving you the award too, my friend ((((hugs)))


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