Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!

I love Halloween! I don't have any particular plans but just being in the atmosphere of this enchanting night is exciting to me. I feel it building and swirling around me. It makes me want to take midnight walks, watch old black and white horror films, dance in cemeteries and all manner of crazy things. I am giddy with this feeling!!!

Don't forget to check out Vintage Horror Radio and Stories at You can bet I will be sitting in the dark listening to this. I love it.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Deeper State of Acceptance

Am I making progress with my daily goal and contemplation to live in Acceptance? Yes, I believe so. In fact, I know I am. Right now and for the last two weeks I have felt better than I have for a LONG time..and I did not consider myself a truly miserable person before..but still it is so much better now.

I am learning what it is to be still inside. I have heard this spoken of so many times in seminars, meditation books..etc...but now I truly know what it means to be still. I believe it goes hand in hand with Acceptance. Stillness within is like a subtle dance. At first I think I can only do it if there is a partner to dance with..meaning something to fill the stillness. And then it came to me...Stillness is not a solitary experience at truth it causes the walls of isolation built by the ego/emotional self to fall away only to find in the the state of acceptance I am connected to every being around me. It is like a connecting thread to other beings in the universe. We are all doing the quiet subtle dance together.
It is only through stillness and acceptance I can get there.

I see now that by filling my "void" or stillness with ego directed emotion, fears, thoughts and worries of the past and future serves only to isolate one being disconnected. Like a broken thread of a spider's web; the the connection to the whole is broken.

So did my decision to live in a state of acceptance bring me to a place I could find stillness within me or did the stillness come first? Does it matter? Not to me. All that matters is it works somehow.

Every once in a while the old pattern tries to emerge but I quickly remember to avert this by asking myself: where am I? What am I doing? What am I seeing, smelling, sensing? As I answer these questions I find my attention moving back into the moment or "the NOW".

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Circulating the Energy of the Body and Aura

Years ago, this is one of the first things my "Guidance" taught me. I literally knew nothing about chakras or any type of energy work. My Guidance gave it to me piece by piece and when I began working with the method "They" showed me, (or maybe I remembered it from a past life, who knows?) I felt a tremendous difference.

I was in the process of writing how I do this, step by step, for my daughter. And I decided to put it on here. It is a simple but extremely effective way to fire up and move sluggish energy through the body and the aura. So here it is. My little treatise on my first energy work. And it is NOT from any book. It is developed from my beginnings in energy work before I even knew what it was. Here Goes:

Circulating the Energy of the Aura

To Circulate your Aura is the simplest and most efficient way to help your mind, body and spirit feel and work better. No matter what the circumstances, it will help you.

Our bodies, physiologically, run on energy. The parts of ourselves that our not physiologically present also run on energy. This is what is usually called the “etheric body”. However, I think labels confuse things too much and then it becomes a strict regime or dogmatic doctrine. This is self defeating and the importance of the act is then lost in an illusionary hierarchy of dogma.

So, I will present this to you as my Guidance presented it to me so many years ago. Simplistic and natural. It is the act of doing it that works not the explanation of why it works or how to do it in such a ritualistically exact manner that is spiritually correct.

This is not a religion, it is more pragmatic than pedantic. It is not exact or rigid. It is simply the act of using what is so available to care for the parts of our bodies we cannot see.

Even though we cannot see the aura around us, it is there. The energy is there. It is our first line of defense. It defends our immune system…physiologically, emotionally and mentally. I also believes it protects spiritually. But that is my belief and I won’t go into it here.

Energy that runs throughout our body and around our body is likened to blood running through our veins and arteries. It cleanses, energizes and guards us from soaking up energies from our environment. It keeps us from feeling drained when we are around a lot of people.

Like blood; when energy becomes congested, it causes the auric stream to become clogged. Like platelets sticking together in our blood stream before it forms a full blown clot. When these congested areas of energy grow larger, it blocks the circulation and eventually this will show up physiologically. It exacerbates depression, anxiety, physical sickness. In my belief, it often precipitates it. For when we are experiencing energy blockages, our first line of defense is compromised.

Our major chakras or energy centers become sluggish and then we have even more problems. For our energy centers are like major arteries and veins. When they are sluggish we can’t feel our best and emotionally we cannot cope as well as if they were open and flowing.

And so, I come to this. The simplest and most efficient way I know of keeping the aura circulating and cutting down on energy blockages.

Step one:

Sit comfortably or lie down.

You can burn candles and incense or play music softly in the background if you like it. I do burn candles and incense if it is possible simply because it puts me in mind frame that is open to circulating my aura. A kind of signal for me to focus on this moment. But it is not necessary nor does it make the practice any more effective.

Tell yourself that you are going to circulate your aura.

Take three deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling deeply.

Step two:

Think of being in a group of trees on a sunny day. And in one spot a ray of bright sunshine peeks through the leaves and branches. Think about this focused ray of sun entering the top of your head. Feel the power of this light and its warmth as it goes through a spot on your crown down into your body.

Now think of it traveling down a long pipe down the middle of your body. Image the pipe extending down into the ground. Here we are grounding the energy and mixing it. The earth is a powerful organism. Filled with energy. We are all connected to it.

Now think of the energy coming back up from the ground and moving into both feet. Focus on your feet, ankles and legs. Feel the energy moving up your body through your legs and then the upper part. Feel its path as it goes up to the top of your head and then out.

Feel the energy move out of the top of your head. It will go above and then part in the middle. It begins to flow down each side of your body, flowing until it comes into your feet again.

As you feel the energy flowing into your feet again, stop and take three deep breaths. As you breath, feel the energy moving up your leg and into the upper part of your body. When you feel it reach the area where the solar plexus is located, stop and allow yourself to gather all the worries and troubled feelings you have.

As the energy moves upward through your head, think of it traveling straight up. Taking with it all the worries and troubled feelings you have. Straight up into another place beyond the this reality and environment. A place of healing, and higher vibrational energy. I, personally, image it going to The Source of us all. But that is up to each individual. It can go to God/Goddess, Creator, Guidance, Source, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Shekinah, Shiva, Vishnu, Holy Spirit. Whatever you consider your Higher Source.

Step Three:

In a few minutes you may feel a sense of heaviness at the crown at the top of your head. Inhale deeply and think of yourself pulling the energy in your head and feeling it going down. Exhale as it breaks up in its density and continues to travel through your body. Inhale and exhale deeply as it moves down to your feet, down into the ground and back up through your body.

When it gets back up to the top of your head, think of the stream of energy splitting …and going down the sides of your body…and back into your body through your feet.

After this it should be circulating well. Cleansed, refreshed and recharged. If you are a bit light headed..think of it going back down into the ground and back up….

Things to Remember:

The energy of the aura circulates all the time but sometimes life in this plane is stressful and our emotional reactions and stressors slow the flow. At times it becomes more sluggish if we are working through some trauma or issue to the point of developing a blockage.

Deliberately circulating (focusing on it) your aura at least once a day will begin to clear some of these blockages and prevent newer ones. You will feel better afterward. With an increased sense of wellbeing and calm. It will not make your problems, fears or anxieties go magically away. But it will assist you to meeting these challenges with a firmer stance, a clearer head with calmer emotions.

This is a very basic yet powerful exercise. You can do this anywhere and anytime. Especially once you get used to doing this. You will find yourself doing it automatically after a time. Once a day is fine but more is alright too.

A strong aura is such an asset for over all health on all levels.

And always protect you and your aura when in a crowd of people by thinking of yourself surrounded by a bright and warm healing light. One that protects you from lower vibrational energies and emotionally draining people and situations. Filtered so you can
sense your surroundings for discernment but the unhealthy energies will not pull or mix with yours.

Monday, October 24, 2011


I haven't written on my blog for a few days. I have been contemplating what I found out about myself. The self of so many years ago.

I used the time to take care of some outside chores while the sun was still shining the last few days. It felt good to work hard outdoors and accomplish the things that were important to me outside of my house. And it gave me a lot of time to process what happened the other day. (See my previous Blog, "I know you are in there somewhere")

I meditated this evening after helping my mate get off to work. The vibrations of the energy surrounding me during this were powerful, yet comforting. I circulated my aura inside and out and it felt pretty good. No matter what is happening to me, circulating my aura always makes me feel better, lighter and more connected with life..on many levels.

When I finished I found a word that kept running through my mind over and over. It would not go away until I pronounced it. Forbearance was the word and I knew when I said it aloud it was meant to remind me to continue to be kind, compassionate and thoughtful of myself.

At times I still become impatient with myself, intolerant and start to slip into self denigrating thoughts. Especially when I feel there is something I am not able to do or able to understand.

The old ego steps up to remind me how inadequate I am and how much better things would be for me if I was smarter. The good news is I am able to observe myself doing this immediately now and interrupt the unkind messages I send myself. Self denigration is so easy to slip into.

It is so human to compare myself to others and judge myself as lacking. But I know it accomplishes nothing but giving my mind unkind opinions of myself that I do not want to live up to. I truly want to love, respect myself and be my own best friend.

My healing is done on the subtle energy level, by raising the vibration level of the auric energy that surrounds my body and circulating this energy through my body and aura. This comes from a point of love. A point of love that I give to myself that reaches past the boundaries of this world. Through this I am able to love and send healing vibrations to others.

Being forebearant with myself helps me towards a clearer path to self love and that leads me to deeper self healing.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I Know You Are in There Somewhere

woke up this morning with a deep and painful feeling in my heart. I felt anxious and sad feelings flooding me. It was so strong it woke me up. I had planned on sleeping in a bit because I stayed up late last night and didn't have to be anywhere this morning.

I lay there and tried to figure out what in the world was causing these storm of feeling. I certainly was not feeling anything sad, painful or anxiety producing. It was the strangest sensation. It was as if I was being pulled in two. One was me feeling pretty good and satisfied with life being pulled by something else showering me with these very painful emotions.

Thanks be, I have learned and/or remembered "tools" to help me in confusing times like these. So, first I strengthened my aura and energy centers. Then I relaxed into the uncomfortable sensations. Wow, it was overwhelming. Like being swept up in some kind of emotional tornado, a painful one. I observed this as objectively as I could and let it run through me.

I felt my "Inner Guidance" wished me to surrender to what was happening so I did. Then the whole scenario became even stranger.

In my mind's eye, I saw myself back in the cave where I first saw the man with the long sticks or antlers coming from his hat. The man that glows green and has a copper head for a companion. I keep coming to that person and that place for some reason.

I felt the man with the strange hat's presence and I was flooded with the sensation of relief. I guess my inner self has learned that no matter how bizarre he appears he always helps me.

I was lying down on the cave floor, the copper head was curled up on my stomach. The man began chanting and rattling this big round thing. It was the size of a small pumpkin and made of some kind of wood like substance. I smelled something spicy burning in the fire with a minty overtone. I could see a large white circle that appeared painted into the rock floor surrounding me. I hadn't noticed it before.

First I had the sensation of not moving. Lying on the floor just allowing that flood of anxiety and sadness to roll out of me. I began to feel a stirring inside me and I felt a dizzy head rush. The discomfort dropped away from me yet I could still feel it coming towards me in waves. Coming towards me but not from me. I realized that (in this yet another strange dream) I was hovering over my body. And I was not alone.

Facing me was another woman. She was young, appearing to be in her early twenties, with medium length dark brownish red curly hair. At first I thought it was my daughter and it upset me to feel such painful emotions coming from her.

My heart center opened wide and I realized who she was. She was me when I younger and newly married. I had just graduated from college the first time. I worked in a bank and we had just bought our first house. My first impression was puzzlement; as to why she seemed so unhappy. I don't really remember any traumatic event that happened in that era of my life. But then I realized I don't remember that time period that well. It was a bewildering and confusing time. Everything seemed to happening so fast, I didn't feel I could keep up.

I didn't really know what to do about this situation. We just stood looking at each other. She looked scared and just so unhappy. I felt my heart moving in waves of affection and love for her.

She became more solid and I took her hands in mine. She looked at me, her eyes so vivid with painful feelings. She said," I want to be like you. I want to be happy, I don't know what happened to me." Then the girl began to cry with big streaming tears as if her heart was broken.

That made my heart open more and I felt myself beginning to cry. I squeezed her hands and told her that she was me when I was younger. That she was always a part of me but chose to hide herself away.

As I was talking to her I began to feel all the confusion of that time in my life. I realized that no traumatic event had occurred. Just a tragic condition of me not loving myself and trying to live the way I thought I should, according to what I perceived was expected of me. Not knowing myself enough or loving myself enough to know I was valuable and what I wanted was valid. The time of my life where I just could not measure up. I thought I was frumpy and ugly. I didn't know how to interact with my husband. I made a facade to help guide me. Instead of listening to my heart I emulated others to construct what I thought was the correct life for me. In short I did not believe in the validity of me. I did not trust my heart enough to find out what I wanted and how I wished to express myself in my life.

I was amazed that I could not see myself the way I really was at that time, at that age, at that stage of my life.

In truth it was a time of my burgeoning creativity. A time I could have accepted myself and my spirituality. But I didn't. I shut it all down because I thought of myself as inferior. I developed a culture of self denigration and denial of my true self.

I did get through this era of my life and I did learn from it. By the time I was in my thirties I was beginning to know and accept myself a little better. It wasn't perfect but it was something.

However, the particular part of myself that I was facing at this moment had shut herself down. In pain and confusion. Feeling unloved and not able to fit in the world, a part of me shut down.

As these realizations came over me. I told her that I had come a long way since then. I found my way and I had made it through some really rough times. Instead of breaking me, these times strengthened my spirituality and gifted me with wisdom. Leading me to where I am now. A place of healing, joy in life and learning to really love myself. I was learning to honor and trust my being, my spirit. My creativity was opening up wider all the time. I was learning (remembering) how to experience joy and wonder in my life now.

I held out my arms to her and asked her to come back home to me. I told her I needed the creative vision that she had hidden. I would open the beautiful heart and spirit that she shut down. We both began to cry and she came closer. She felt like a solid person and we hugged each other so tight and it felt so good. Then we became less solid..and she moved closer and closer until we were not separate.

I found myself back on the floor of the cave. The man was smiling and sitting on the ground beside me. I was thanking him when I "woke up" from yet another waking dream thing.

I am amazed how different I feel. The painful feelings are gone. Corny or not, it feels like part of me came back. A part I didn't even realize was missing. A part of me came home today.
I am so thankful to all of my Guides and The Creator. What an incredible feeling.

Maybe the part of me that I shut down so long ago, was so shut off that it felt separate. Maybe that's why I felt that sadness from nowhere. I honestly thought it was someone that needed me to send long distance Reiki or pray for. was part of me. A part of me that wanted to return to the whole, perhaps? For wholeness is my goal.

Whether it sounds crazy or corny..or not. This is my story and it was satisfying. Wow, I wonder what else I have hidden inside me. Well, if I am meant to find other hidden parts of me..I will.

It makes me wonder about other young women transitioning into adult life. My heart feels for them. For some, like me, it can be a painfully bewildering experience. I am thankful for this opportunity to know myself better.

Landscapes: Volume Two from Dustin Farrell on Vimeo.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Changes in the Plants and Trees

This last spring, I became so enthralled with watching the plants and trees grow, change from a dull brown or gray and burst into lush, bold colors. I watched them grow and go through their cycles. The smell of them and the way they interacted with the air was fascinating. As summer moved along the plants and trees continued to grow lusher and more aromatic. Each cycle changing their shapes and focus of their life spans.

Now is an equally fascinating time. The shift from summer to fall. I feel it everywhere. In the air,the smells, the way the sun shines and of course the changes in the plants and trees. The energies that are needed for this part of the cycle affect everything including me. The colors of the trees are breathtaking. Many of my trees are almost bare now. But for a week or so they looked like something out of a Disney movie.

The plants are changing again. They appear to be receding into themselves. Many are dropping seedlings everywhere.

Do we parallel the shifts of plants and trees? Or are we affected by the same energies that pronounce the changes of the season?

I can't put into words how fall affects me. I have always thought of autumn as my favorite season. Is it the season or the energies that circulate during this cycle?


Clearing Up Space

Since Thursday (today is Saturday), I have been in a focused endeavor to clear up the spare bedroom and closet. It had the beginnings of a storage room. It wasn't unusable or hard to walk in or even cluttered in appearance. But for some reason Thursday night I got this incredible urge to clean it out. And so I did. At one point I had to stop and meditate because I was feeling a little overwhelmed and indecisive about what I wanted and was trying to do.

That was my last blog and since that meditation/dream, I made amazing progress. The closet is now full but organized, clean and I know everything that is in there. My wee spare bedroom looks quaintly pleasant and inviting.

I worked on the room until about 2pm this afternoon. I stopped to help my partner prepare for his incredibly long shift. Then I got some of the dust and cleaning grime showered off of me and I headed to Hinton to have dinner with my friend, Raven Nightsong. It was so good to see her and I had a great time.

Tomorrow I will finish the final part of the cleaning project. Dust, vacuum, clean the windows, mirrors and put clean linens and blankets on the bed. I actually washed every blanket and comforter I found in the closet. And then maybe I will start on my previously planned project. To clean out the little building near the garage. I really want to do that before winter.

However, my inner self may come up with another project before I can get to that. We will see.
All I know is I feel like a big weight was lifted off of me and I can breath deeper. I don't know why I feel that way but I do. And its good! It pleases me deeply.

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Hive, The Web, The Nest

I moved to my house last November. Since the house was left to me by my parents, I actually began clearing out and trying to organize a year or so before this. I gave away almost two rooms of furniture, clothes and small appliances. Then when I actually moved to West Virginia I gave away over half of my things in Virginia.

Still I was cramped and it looked overcrowded. So I culled the whole thing and donated another room full of stuff. I kept the things that I just could not bear to part with for various reasons.

I have an office that is crammed with things. Ok, I can live with that. We can walk around and maneuver. The room is serviceable and all our papers are in one place along with our computers. The room is pleasant despite being crowded. The rest of house is orderly and not crowded looking.

Then my partner moved his collections to the house.

Well to make a long story short, my spare bedroom became a storage room of boxes. Ugh! It started to bother me. In fact it bothered me so much that I put off clearing out a small outbuilding beside the garage until I get some order in there.

I began yesterday after I got my partner off to work. I emptied the large closet, vacuumed and dusted it out and put the boxes of my mothers knicknacks in the closet. ( I just cannot get rid of them heart won't let me even though I don't want them lying around all over the house)

That is as far as I got. The room looks like it was bombed. I am amazed at the amount of stuff that closet held. Even though it is large.

At 2 am I stopped. I haven't gone back in there. I am stumped about what to do with all that stuff. I am confused and undecided. I have found three bags and one box that I will definitely take to the Salvation Army. The rest?? I don't know. Then I got to thinking about other changes I wanted to make. But I am not decorator and I want to make use of the things that are here.

I do not have the income I had in Virginia. So I have to be very frugal.

Ok..this is going somewhere I promise! But this is just to kind of explain where I am right now.

I got up this morning and was sitting on my back porch. It is a beautiful day. I did my morning prayer/meditation/Reiki thingie. After expressing gratitude for all of my many blessings. (let's face present dilemma is a joyous one compared to the awful things I lived through in the past years.)

I then asked for guidance to make my thinking and focus clearer when arranging my house. And asked my Guides to give me some direction about the best way to sell some of the things I am willing to give up.

I decided to practice conscious projection again and I began my journey where I saw the man glowing green with the copper head traveling beside him.

see: Really Gone to Ground this Time (September 8, 2011)

Grandmother Spider

I saw him but he was walking out of his little cave into the sunlight. I could hear the water fall and see the trees, grass and flowers. I think I may have gone into some kind of vivid dream state. I followed him until we got to a huge spider web. The spider was the size of a house cat with gray and silver bristles. She was beautiful.

The man with the copper head beside him stopped and gestured to her with his arms and inclined his head. He told her she was beautiful. I bowed my head respectfully but didn't say anything.

She climbed down her web and looked at me. I sat on the ground in front of her. I was kind of skittish but reminded myself that I was in an interesting dream. She spoke to me but not in a voice I could hear. It was like listening to her from a phone in my ear and head. She said this," I do not make my web to compare to other webs. I weave it for my own pleasure and use.
When I find and focus on my own design then my web is pleasing, useful and perfect for me.

The glowing man got up, he and his copper head moved down a path. I thanked the spider and tried to catch up.

Lady Honey Bee
I found him in front of a huge hive. The bees were moving all around it. I stayed very still.
A very large red bee came out and buzzed around us. I bowed my head and sat. I was a little surprised that I didn't get swarmed because the bees were very very close to me.

She hovered near me. I could smell her in the dream. It was familiar but kind of elusive. Like a mixture of cooked corn and apples. That is the best way I can describe it. It was very pleasant. Her buzzing was deep and I could feel it in all my energy centers. I didn't hear any words but I found words in my head, like a head text. The words were, "A home needs balance. Here the drones do their work and I do mine and we create harmony. If you are a Queen without drones then your home will be out of sync. Too much comfort without order leaves no place for the workings of the spirit.

If you are a drone without a Queen, too much order without comfort leaves no place for nurturing the spirit.

You must be the balance between the Queen and the drone for comfort, order and growth of the spirit.

I thanked the Queen Bee and her drones and continued to follow the man with the copper head.

Father Crow

I followed him to an opening in the trees. It looked a lot like a spot I sit in up my little hollow. I sat on the rock with the man and waited. I heard the crows cawing back and forth and smiled. Because I love that.

As I was thinking that a large crow flies down and stands in front of the rock I am sitting on. I felt a big feeling of happiness in my heart. He was very large and black. I greeted him with my voice. I could hear it clearly in my dream. I said," Hello Father Crow". I bowed my head respectfully. He began to make loud cawing noises and the other crows began flying from tree to tree. The large crow said nothing to me but a feeling like a long lost memory surfaced. The flying and cawing made something come from inside me.

Make my nest as strong, comfortable and protective for me and my loved ones as I can, but never become so attached to it that it calls your attention away from life. Be ready to fly into life with wonder and a sense of adventure. The nest is very important but my true home is carried in my heart connected to those around me. Not a place or things. Home is a state of being.

I thanked the crow verbally. I said, "Thank you Father Crow." That's all I could get out.

My dog kind of woke me up then. It started as a meditation but it became like some sort of dream state. This is the second time this has happened while I was up and fully awake but meditating. I kind of like it and what a difference it made! So much so that even though it sounded crazy I HAD to put it here.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Advise or Just Listen?

It's a dilemma that I come across more and more. It didn't used to be a dilemma because if anyone came to me with a problem or concern to share; I chimed in with advice and directions without a qualm. Whether I was asked to share my opinion or not.

For the last year or so, I noticed that I don't just jump in with my advice guns loaded. In fact I am now hesitant to offer advice but very open to just listening.

This occurred to me a few months ago when one of my friends was sharing some troubles she was having and actually asked for my advice. I hesitated and actually admitted that I had no advice on how to resolve the specific issue.

What I did offer; besides my ears and heart for listening, were techniques I utilized to calm my emotions and anxiety enough to handle the anxiety and emotional pain. The pain and anxiety that some of these life issues bring us.

Techniques like self treating with Reiki, deep breathing, energy circulation, detaching from the emotions for a bit and observe and feel them. I always add mediation and prayer as things I utilize as well. These are the steps that work for me in almost every situation.

I have also noted that in many situations listening is the best approach. Sometimes it is the most comforting and helpful. To listen without interrupting the person. To truly and honestly pay close attention to what the person experiencing pain and trouble is saying.

At one time I believed that to not offer advice was a sign of apathy. But now I know it is the highest order of empathy.

Sooo, take my advice and just listen.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What I learned from my Tomato Plants

I harvested 12 tomatoes from my tomato plants. And they are beautiful. I am grateful for their heroic efforts to produce despite my amateur gardening skills. It was my first attempt at planting a garden and I learned a lot.

I loved watching every step of the growth of the plants from tiny to large. My heart was strengthened by the way the plants effort to thrive combined with my effort to nurture.

I have learned something really valuable from this. About gardening and about life. My life expands with my attempts to venture outside my comfort zones of experience and knowledge. To have a desire to take a step toward something that is beyond my experience was the first step. To find out the rudimentary first steps for aiming myself to align with the desire to learn something new.

From this action I acquired more knowledge about growing vegetables. Especially tomatoes. They need a place with more direct morning sunlight. They require a lot of water. The ground around their roots requires a healing space that is free of choking weeds. They need extra food that sometimes the ground does not provide.

This experience has made my heart happy. Now that I know a little bit more about the tomatoes by watching and nurturing their growth, I am so grateful for the small harvest that I was able to receive. To me it was huge. Now it's time to help the plants to their next cycle.

And in the rest of my life to remember these simple techniques to expand away from my comfort zone. Just take the step, learn, experience the challenge and take the next step.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Back from a busy week and a half!

I haven't written anything for a few days. Not because I got tired of my blog. Oh no. I was away. I went to the Roanoke area the last two weekends for some classes and did not take my computer. No time for that. It has been very busy and a teensy bit tiring. But oh so rewarding.

It will take me a few days to collect myself (and my messy house and mountains of laundry). But I know in my heart I have expanded my knowledge and ability base. My energy is vibrant despite my body's weariness.

For now I am going to drink a big glass of ice water and go curl up with a book. I am reading a book that was written in the late 40's or maybe the early 50's by Joan Grant, "The Winged Pharaoh." It is a great book.

This I Know

Stumbling through life has it's merits.  I can see this now.  It's messy, uncomfortable at times, enlightening, joyous, heartbr...