Saturday, October 11, 2014

Circulating Life Force of the Body and Aura

Promoting better circulation of Chi through your Aura, Chakras and the physical body is one of the simplest and most efficient ways to help your mind, body and spirit feel and function better. No matter what the circumstances, it will help you.

Our bodies, physiologically, run on energy. The parts of ourselves that are not “visible” also run on energy. The energy circulating through this “Etheric” body and our entire physical body is “Chi” or “Qi” which is “Life Force”. The energy centers within our physical body are called “Chakras”. Surrounding our physical body is the “Aura”, which is part of the etheric body. The etheric body is our first “line of defense”. It defends our immune system; physiologically, emotionally and mentally and spiritually.

Our chakras are like major arteries and veins of the etheric body and chi or life force energy circulates like blood through these veins and arteries. It cleanses , energizes the chakras and the aura. This helps guards us from soaking up energies from our environment. It keeps us from feeling drained when we are around a lot of people.

Like blood; when energy becomes congested, it causes the Life Force energy to become clogged. When these areas are not circulating properly throughout our chakras and aura causes our physical body not to feel as well as if they were open and flowing. It can make us more susceptible to depression, anxieties, emotional discomfort and physical sickness. For when we are experiencing energy blockages, our first line of defense is compromised.

Consider setting aside some time every day or every week to “Mindfully” focus on the cleansing and strengthening circulation of Life Force throughout the physical and etheric bodies. This practice along with some simple exercises to cleanse and strengthen the chakras will enhance your well being emotionally, physically and possibly spiritually.

Step one:
Sit comfortably or lie down.
You can burn candles and incense or play music softly in the background if you like it. I do burn candles and incense if it is possible simply because it puts me in mind frame that is open to circulating my aura. A kind of signal for me to focus on this moment. But it is not necessary nor does it make the practice any more effective.
Tell yourself that you are going to circulate your aura. Take three deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling deeply.

Step two:
Think of being in a group of trees on a sunny day. And in one spot a ray of bright sunshine peeks through the leaves and branches. Think about this focused ray of sun entering the top of your head. Feel the power of this light and its warmth as it goes through a spot on your crown down into your body. Now think of it traveling down a long pipe down the middle of your body. Image the pipe extending down into the ground. Here we are grounding the energy and mixing it. The earth is a powerful organism. Filled with energy. We are all connected to it. 
Now think of the energy coming back up from the ground and moving into both feet. Focus on your feet, ankles and legs. Feel the energy moving up your body through your legs and then the upper part. Feel its path as it goes up to the top of your head and then out.

Feel the energy move out of the top of your head. It will go above and then part in the middle. It begins to flow down each side of your body, flowing until it comes into your feet again.

As you feel the energy flowing into your feet again, stop and take three deep breaths. As you breath, feel the energy moving up your leg and into the upper part of your body. When you feel it reach the area where the solar plexus is located, stop and allow yourself to gather all the worries and troubled feelings you have.

As the energy moves upward through your head, think of it traveling straight up. Taking with it all the worries and troubled feelings you have. Straight up into another place beyond the this reality and environment. A place of healing, and higher vibrational energy. I, personally, image it going to The Source of us all. But that is up to each individual. It can go to God/Goddess, Creator, Guidance, Source, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Shekinah, Shiva, Vishnu, Holy Spirit. Whatever you consider your Higher Source.

Step Three:
In a few minutes you may feel a sense of heaviness at the crown at the top of your head. Inhale deeply and think of yourself pulling the energy in your head and feeling it going down. Exhale as it breaks up in its density and continues to travel through your body. Inhale and exhale deeply as it moves down to your feet, down into the ground and back up through your body.

When it gets back up to the top of your head, think of the stream of energy splitting …and going down the sides of your body…and back into your body through your feet.

After this it should be circulating well. Cleansed, refreshed and recharged. If you are a bit light headed..think of it going back down into the ground and back up through your body. Take some deep breaths and drink some water.

Things to Remember:

The energy of the aura circulates all the time but sometimes life in this plane is stressful and our emotional reactions and stressors slow the flow. At times it becomes more sluggish if we are working through some trauma or issue to the point of developing a blockage.

Deliberately circulating (focusing on it) your aura at least once a day will begin to clear some of these blockages and prevent newer ones. You will feel better afterward. With an increased sense of wellbeing and calm. It will not make your problems,fears or anxieties go magically away. But it will assist you to meeting these challenges with a firmer stance, a clearer head with calmer emotions.

This is a very basic yet powerful exercise. You can do this anywhere and anytime. Especially once you get used to doing this.
You will find yourself doing it automatically after a time. Once a day is fine but more is alright too. 
A strong aura is such an asset for over all health on all levels.

And always protect you and your aura when in a crowd of people by thinking of yourself surrounded by a bright and warm healing light. One that protects you from lower vibrational energies and emotionally draining people and situations. Filtered so you can
sense your surroundings for discernment but the unhealthy energies will not pull or mix with yours.

Blessings to all, may our Life Force stay strong.

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