Monday, April 16, 2018

This I Know

Stumbling through life has it's merits.  I can see this now.  It's messy, uncomfortable at times, enlightening, joyous, heartbreaking and unpredictable.  You never know what you will find.  I should know because that is pretty much how I started my early years and continued well into adulthood.

As the years went by my gait through this journey became more steady, even though I still could not fully grasp what was pulling me or what I was heading towards.  I just kept moving along.  I was chasing dreams, running from failure, or just moving ahead because I didn't know what else to do.  I always had this idea that whatever I felt in my heart I was searching for was just over the horizon.

Now this isn't bad.  I did learn a lot of useful things along the way when I took the time to think about it.  I learned valuable life skills, got an idea how the world works, had many different types of relationships.  I expanded my mind as I expanded my living experience.  But I always had this feeling that I was chasing something that I could not name.  Some part of myself that was ahead, totally in control and just waiting for me to catch up.

Now all along this wonderful, painful and sometimes very unsteady journey;  I could sense my Inner Guidance trying to come through.  And it helped a lot.  I developed a deep faith in my Spirituality which gave me a calmer and more stable approach.  But I didn't always take the time to listen.  I was chasing something "out there", not paying attention to what was inside of me.  

Finally, I took the time to listen.  I mean truly listen to what was within me.  And it took my breath away.  The simplicity of it to my preconditioned my mind was amazing yet complicated at the same time.  But I kept slowing down long enough to "listen" and the truth I was sensing in it resonated more and more with me.  

I finally got it.  All this searching and running after what I was supposed to be doing, what I was supposed to look like, accomplishing and experiencing was not helping me find what I needed.  I realized it was like looking for my glasses while they have been resting on my head the entire time.  

I let life catch up and catch on.  I made the decision to live life in this moment, where I am now.  Instead of searching, I am observing and noticing things I always overlooked in my haste to get to the next phase or place in my life.  I discovered that there is a deep sense of curiosity for many things I overlooked before.  

What I will do with this realization; I am not sure.  I will grow into it and see where it takes me.  I will see what  I can observe, experience, meet and learn as I walk with my life step by step.  Moment by moment.  

This I know.

The Truth about Forgiveness

As I mentioned before; I have learned so much about myself the last three years.  The Good, Bad and the Ugly.  Yes indeed some of it was very ugly.  But I needed to know, to see in order to free myself of a few more chains holding me in the prison I made for myself.

One of the most important things I now know is the importance of "Forgiveness".  I never could really get this.  Someone does something to me and it's my responsibility to forgive them??  That's nonsense!  Or so I thought.  All the slights;perceived or otherwise, insults, rejections, resentments, gossip, underhanded dealings that I carried around with me for so many years.  One or the other would come to the forefront whenever a certain emotion triggered the place I had all of these buried.

One or another of these repressed nuggets would surface..all the bigger for sitting inside me for so long.  Until one day I realized I had repeated this process for so long that I actually could sense a physical response in my body when the right emotion triggered this repressed mess.  Neuro peptides had been formed because of this.

Then I got it.  The importance of "Forgiveness" was for me.  To help me let go of the jumbled mess inside me.  To stop the ,"I am the victim/martyr of all time," nonsense.  To stop allowing these actions along with the people connected to them to have any hold on me.  Forgiveness was the only way.  It made even more sense when I took it a step further.  People don't plan to ruin someone's day or do mean underhanded things.  Unless they are just bat crap crazy.  No, most of the time it is their fear..and the ideology of victim hood they are carrying around.  So why would I allow someone's weak moment of meanness to have some strange hold on me for years?  Wow.

We become what we resent and fear in others because we are fearful of being resented.  It's a vicious cycle.  And everyone who is human is wired to do this.

I have learned to forgive for my own well being and it is so freeing.  Why did it take me so long.????

 My mind does not always tell me the truth.  It's not intentional.  It's my emotions/ego trying to make me feel allowing my mind to pick out facts and information that support my own preconditioning.  In other words, it's telling me what I want to believe.  That's not necessarily the truth.  Sometimes observing with objectivity is scary and painful.  Shakes up your world and what you want to believe.   But the there really is more than one side to every situation.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

“Marathon” or “Foeniculum Vulgare"

Back in 490 BC the Greeks and Persians were battling in a field of fennel, the plains of marathon.  Marathon meaning fennel.
Roman soldiers chewed Fennel for increased endurance.  Later on the Puritans called it “the meeting seed”.    Many of the congregation would chew fennel seeds to ward off sleepiness and hunger during long church services.
Fennel seeds are miraculous,  fragrant and tasty little pods of medicinal goodness and can be found in any grocery store in the spice section. Chewing 10 to 15  fennel seeds once or twice a day are helpful to the body in many ways.
Fennel  speeds up the digestive process.  This is especially good for those who suffer with Type 2 Diabetes.  Frequently people with type 2 Diabetes develop a slowing down of peristalsis, which is the muscle movement of the intestine in the digestive process to move waste down to be expelled.    This disorder is called Gastro Paresis.  Chewing fennel seeds will help alleviate this by acting as an antispasmodic and helping the digestive juices do their work.
Fennel helps alleviate indigestion, improves pancreatic function.  It is also used for Irritable Bowel Syndrome, nausea, diarrhea, coughs from colds or bronchitis.
These little seeds will enhance energy levels, act as a diuretic.
Fennel seeds are also good for suppressing appetite if taken before meals.  Chew 10 to 15 seeds before meals and you will feel full faster and eat less.
I chew the seeds and also make them into a tea form.
Fennel is one of my  most used “Kitchen Medicine Goto  items.  These are the basics on how to utilize this wonderful seed.
Fennel Tea ( Tisane) with Honey
Boil 2 or 3 cups of water
Crush 2 teaspoons of Fennel seed with a spoon and add to boiling water.  Turn off heat and steep for 5 to 10 minutes.
You can strain the seeds or leave them in the tea.  Add honey for taste.
This tastes good and is a great digestive aid.  Also good for colds and bronchitis.

This information is intended for your general knowledge only and not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment specific to medical conditions.  If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have a chronic or serious illness, and /or have many sensitivities and allergies check with your doctor before using Fennel.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Circulating Life Force of the Body and Aura

Promoting better circulation of Chi through your Aura, Chakras and the physical body is one of the simplest and most efficient ways to help your mind, body and spirit feel and function better. No matter what the circumstances, it will help you.

Our bodies, physiologically, run on energy. The parts of ourselves that are not “visible” also run on energy. The energy circulating through this “Etheric” body and our entire physical body is “Chi” or “Qi” which is “Life Force”. The energy centers within our physical body are called “Chakras”. Surrounding our physical body is the “Aura”, which is part of the etheric body. The etheric body is our first “line of defense”. It defends our immune system; physiologically, emotionally and mentally and spiritually.

Our chakras are like major arteries and veins of the etheric body and chi or life force energy circulates like blood through these veins and arteries. It cleanses , energizes the chakras and the aura. This helps guards us from soaking up energies from our environment. It keeps us from feeling drained when we are around a lot of people.

Like blood; when energy becomes congested, it causes the Life Force energy to become clogged. When these areas are not circulating properly throughout our chakras and aura causes our physical body not to feel as well as if they were open and flowing. It can make us more susceptible to depression, anxieties, emotional discomfort and physical sickness. For when we are experiencing energy blockages, our first line of defense is compromised.

Consider setting aside some time every day or every week to “Mindfully” focus on the cleansing and strengthening circulation of Life Force throughout the physical and etheric bodies. This practice along with some simple exercises to cleanse and strengthen the chakras will enhance your well being emotionally, physically and possibly spiritually.

Step one:
Sit comfortably or lie down.
You can burn candles and incense or play music softly in the background if you like it. I do burn candles and incense if it is possible simply because it puts me in mind frame that is open to circulating my aura. A kind of signal for me to focus on this moment. But it is not necessary nor does it make the practice any more effective.
Tell yourself that you are going to circulate your aura. Take three deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling deeply.

Step two:
Think of being in a group of trees on a sunny day. And in one spot a ray of bright sunshine peeks through the leaves and branches. Think about this focused ray of sun entering the top of your head. Feel the power of this light and its warmth as it goes through a spot on your crown down into your body. Now think of it traveling down a long pipe down the middle of your body. Image the pipe extending down into the ground. Here we are grounding the energy and mixing it. The earth is a powerful organism. Filled with energy. We are all connected to it. 
Now think of the energy coming back up from the ground and moving into both feet. Focus on your feet, ankles and legs. Feel the energy moving up your body through your legs and then the upper part. Feel its path as it goes up to the top of your head and then out.

Feel the energy move out of the top of your head. It will go above and then part in the middle. It begins to flow down each side of your body, flowing until it comes into your feet again.

As you feel the energy flowing into your feet again, stop and take three deep breaths. As you breath, feel the energy moving up your leg and into the upper part of your body. When you feel it reach the area where the solar plexus is located, stop and allow yourself to gather all the worries and troubled feelings you have.

As the energy moves upward through your head, think of it traveling straight up. Taking with it all the worries and troubled feelings you have. Straight up into another place beyond the this reality and environment. A place of healing, and higher vibrational energy. I, personally, image it going to The Source of us all. But that is up to each individual. It can go to God/Goddess, Creator, Guidance, Source, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Shekinah, Shiva, Vishnu, Holy Spirit. Whatever you consider your Higher Source.

Step Three:
In a few minutes you may feel a sense of heaviness at the crown at the top of your head. Inhale deeply and think of yourself pulling the energy in your head and feeling it going down. Exhale as it breaks up in its density and continues to travel through your body. Inhale and exhale deeply as it moves down to your feet, down into the ground and back up through your body.

When it gets back up to the top of your head, think of the stream of energy splitting …and going down the sides of your body…and back into your body through your feet.

After this it should be circulating well. Cleansed, refreshed and recharged. If you are a bit light headed..think of it going back down into the ground and back up through your body. Take some deep breaths and drink some water.

Things to Remember:

The energy of the aura circulates all the time but sometimes life in this plane is stressful and our emotional reactions and stressors slow the flow. At times it becomes more sluggish if we are working through some trauma or issue to the point of developing a blockage.

Deliberately circulating (focusing on it) your aura at least once a day will begin to clear some of these blockages and prevent newer ones. You will feel better afterward. With an increased sense of wellbeing and calm. It will not make your problems,fears or anxieties go magically away. But it will assist you to meeting these challenges with a firmer stance, a clearer head with calmer emotions.

This is a very basic yet powerful exercise. You can do this anywhere and anytime. Especially once you get used to doing this.
You will find yourself doing it automatically after a time. Once a day is fine but more is alright too. 
A strong aura is such an asset for over all health on all levels.

And always protect you and your aura when in a crowd of people by thinking of yourself surrounded by a bright and warm healing light. One that protects you from lower vibrational energies and emotionally draining people and situations. Filtered so you can
sense your surroundings for discernment but the unhealthy energies will not pull or mix with yours.

Blessings to all, may our Life Force stay strong.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Riding the Wind, Flowing with Water

I can't believe it is October.

Summer was wonderful.  Green, lush and bountiful.  I harvested so much Jewelweed, Plantain, Dandelions, Red clover, Passion flower, Mint, Sage and, of course, Boneset.  This is the summer I learned to make soap.  And I honed my salve/ointment making skills.

I worked on several personal projects since the last time I wrote.  I taught some Reiki classes,  I gave some lectures on Kitchen Medicine.  I spent some time writing a few tutorials on healing with energy and plant medicine.

I began taking yoga classes which now feel absolutely necessary to me.  I even took up belly dancing again.  Nothing moves previously ignored muscles like belly dancing.

This summer was the official "coming out" of my ointments and salves.  I sold quite a few and actually have requests for more.  Amazing.  I love making them so much.  I chose three and focus my intent on them.  Plantain, Jewelweed and Cayenne.

In retrospect, I can see that "Expansion" was the theme of this summer.  Branching out and sharing what I have learned about healing and learning more.  There is no better teacher than connecting with others and stepping into previously unknown experiences.

I didn't sit down and plan all of this.  Everyday I just seemed to flow from one step to another.

This summer brought a lot of changes.  And it was not without challenges.  I still struggle with some issues relating to everyday life.   Personal dilemmas that are connected to the deep deep part of me.
Daily meditations and self treatment with Reiki aid my processing of these things.  And allow me to follow the patterns of the wind and water that appear to be moving me along.  Continue my growth and expansion while simultaneously processing my dilemmas.

This ability alone has taught me so much about how our healing practices aid us through life.  Things that used to shut me down for days now cause detours that I am slowly able  navigate through  with  no outright blockages.  I am so grateful for learning  (remembering) how to do this.

Many lessons I have learned in just a few short months.  The most recent lesson I learned today.

Yesterday I attended a really wonderful Healing Arts Fair in Fayetteville, WV.  I have attended a few in my lifetime in Virginia.  This was a special one for many reasons.  It was the first one held in this area.  And it was the first time I have ever participated,  It was amazing!

I gave Aura and Chakra Strengthening Treatments with Reiki and gave short tutorials about the importance of circulating life force throughout our etheric bodies.   I sold some of my ointments.  I met so many wonderful people.  I was amazed at how many people came.  I loved being part of it.
It was breathtaking to me.   Something I previously only dreamed of doing..I did.

My zeal caused me to overextend myself.  ...The pure delight of being part of something this huge and important to me overrode my good sense..  It was my own fault.  I was like a kid in a candy store.

It began at 11am.    I lost track all track of time after 2pm.   My friend and "Fen Shui" expert had to leave then.  She had taken the things I brought with me and made an amazing treatment area for me.  More on that another time.   Anyway after she left I just kept doing treatments.  I was so involved with it.  Until some alert sounded in me as I was finishing up what would be my last treatment of the day.

And when I gained some awareness of time and space I knew I had to stop, pack up and go home.  Drunk with energy work,  exhaustion from standing for hours, light headed from not eating or drinking enough...I took the time while grounding myself and drinking some water in my car before driving home to acknowledge that I learned a valuable lesson.  And I will heed it.  I knew intellectually that with energy work there has to be space in between treatments,  drink water, ground myself often and limit the treatments to a certain number of people per day.  But I never was in a situation exactly like that and I didn't monitor myself well enough.  Too much of a good thing will wear you out.

So today I am taking it easy.  I have no choice.  I am still feeling the effects of my venture.  I had many things I wanted to do today..but it's not happening.

Was it worth it?  ABSOLUTELY!  I am so grateful for yesterday at the Healing Arts Fair. What a blessing it was.   I will never forget it my whole life.  This summer has  shown me other doors that had been waiting to be opened by me that I couldn't see before.  I was too busy trying to bang on the ones that have shut in my face.
And I am definitely going to do this again.  With moderation and mindfulness.

So I say goodbye to Summer and welcome the Fall that arrived a couple of weeks ago.  I am thankful for all the things I experienced, the blessings I received and new wisdom I have acquired.

What is my next plan?  Right now I am going to take my puppy (who is no longer a puppy) for a walk in my little hollow.  Take some deep cleansing breaths of the cool air and admire the myriad of colors in the trees.  I will ground, center and revive myself.

I will "ride the wind", "flow with water" and confer with my Inner Guidance.   And see where it takes me.   Utilize the things I have learned and experience more lessons I need to learn.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The End of Winter

It's been a long, snowy and cold winter for most of us.  Here in the mountains of West Virginia it was.  Once again I seem to go into hibernation mode.

I haven't written for a long time because it appears that winter time is part of my deeply contemplative mode.  And contemplate I did.  In fact, there were times I didn't want to but the long cold days demanded it.

During this time I spent a lot of time with my growing puppy, Jackson.  I managed to stay connected with friends.  I helped my husband prepare for his long and bitter cold nights on top of Coal River Mountain.  And many hours were spent reading.

In March I traveled to Richmond to meet friends in Virginia for a concert.  It was wonderful yet strange.  I helped teach a couple of Reiki classes and my herbal classes resumed.   I meditated a lot and gave Reiki to myself, everyone around me and everything around me.

My husband and I made it though the winter without any illness.  A couple of times we had some beginning symptoms of a virus or cold.  Thankfully, using Reiki and plant medicine we were able to lose it quickly.  Surprisingly so.

The most important activity of the winter was continued emotional healing.  I was able to work through a large amount of anxieties and pain acquired during the incredibly difficult years of my life.  Things that were buried deeply inside me worked their way to the surface.  It wasn't fun and many times I tried to fight it.  However, I finally realized what was happening and stopped resisting.  I let it happen.  Although it was very painful at times it was a great experience in the long run.

I am able to see things from a wider perspective and it has given me a higher level of compassion for the human condition.  The situations people have to endure at times is heartbreaking.   And with this I learned to listen.  No longer trying to "fix things"; I finally got it that the most important act of compassion is to listen.  Allowing a wounded person to bear witness to their pain is sometimes the most compassionate action there is.  And maybe the most healing.   Bearing witness is acknowledging.   I learned that one of the most important steps of emotional and spiritual healing is to acknowledge and legitimize the pain.

Once the pain is on the table then the work of healing can begin.

That's what I learned this winter.  

Friday, January 10, 2014

Stormy Days

I woke up this morning with strange aching around my neck and the back of my head.  My heart center feels "lumpy and tender".  I sense a stream of something coming up through my second chakra...through my solar plexus..into my aching lumpy heart center.  It feels like frustration with a bit of impatience thrown in.  The least amount of effort seems to be too much.

As I attempt to pull my "Self" away from this hotbed  of misery long enough to observe and assess the situation; I notice this overwhelming stream of sadness coming over me and then I burst into tears.  So now I am aching and tearful and I have absolutely no reason why.

I have worked at processing my emotions for so long that I have condtioned myself not to rely on "triggering situations" to provide the reason.  I am stymied.    I don't have a clue as to why I feel so awful this morning.  I can't even identify any "triggering"  sensations or situations that precipitated this dilemma.

I will admit that they crying wave brought me a sense of inner relief but still I have no idea what caused the sobbing fit.  I do feel calmer and less frustrated and impatient.  But I do sense a mild and quiet sadness has settled in me a bit.  My neck and head are still aching.

I am trying to just sit with this and not resist.  To observe the patterns of the energy movement and my responses while giving myself  Reiki as a supportive compassionate action.   I will consciously circulate my energy to prevent blockages.  I will be kind to myself.

This storm will eventually pass and maybe I will learn something new about my "self".  

This I Know

Stumbling through life has it's merits.  I can see this now.  It's messy, uncomfortable at times, enlightening, joyous, heartbr...