Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Eyes Have It

Eyes are wondrous organs. They serve us in so many amazing ways, many we are not even aware of. Eyes are busy every second of our waking lives. They not only help us see our surroundings but they allow others to see our truer selves, beyond the defensive facade we present to this physical plane.

Our eyes are busy and sometimes they become strained. From carrying our emotional stress, doing close up work on electronic devices daily, viewing the multiple stimuli that happens around us every minute of the day and just being open for too long without a rest.

I used to take my eyes for granted. I was, of course, aware of their importance to the human body in an intellectual way. I used them constantly without acknowledging or giving a thought to how strained they might be. . I wasn't aware until I began practicing Reiki.

The first time I placed my hands over my eyes with the intent to ease the physical and emotional stress of my eyes; I could not believe the immense sense of relief I sensed deep in my eyes, reaching far down into the other parts of my body. It literally caused tears to form and fall. From that initial experience of actually focusing on my eyes with a healing intent, I realized the magnitude of importance my eyes have over my life.

I could sense for the first time the connection my eyes have with not only physical vision but subtle energies. How the power of my eyes connects with my energy centers of my body.

After that I began incorporating “eye care” into my daily energy cleansing and aura circulating practices. I, of course, give my eyes “energy healing” treatments. My method of choice is Reiki. But there are many other modes of “energy healing” which are just as effective. The goal is to ease the stress and strain of our eyes.

Other methods of relieving eye strain and stress are aromatheraphy, massaging the forehead and face, cold compresses , eye exercises, and taking a break from close up work, closing your eyes and taking deep breaths. Merely placing the palms of your hands over your eyes is soothing and healing.

There are so many methods to achieve the goal of easing our beautiful orbs. The most important thing is that we remember to incorporate them into our daily routines of self care. Because the eyes have it and manage it all for us.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Holiday Season

I love the holiday season; however, it makes me sad and anxious.  I have been working through this for the last 5 years.  It is improving but I am not there yet.

One of the things I do is to consciously fix my focus on things I enjoy.  Not what I am supposed to like or  what everyone else seems to like.  I also give myself Reiki every morning and evening while reminding myself to not make false priorities for myself based on what I am preconditioned to believe is necessary for Christmas.

This particular season is what I choose to make of it and the celebration of it is up to me.  I have promised myself that whatever I choose to do,  I will not feel inadequate, rushed, in a panic or frustrated.  I will find something to enjoy, relish and be thankful for every day.

These things have truly made a difference in how I react and respond to the time between Thanksgiving and New Year's.

It is snowy and cold out today.  I bundled up and took my puppy for a walk.  I thoroughly enjoyed the way the trees and ground are holding the snow.  It look like a wonderland to me.  My little creek is swollen and rushing down the mountain with a sound that is like music to my ears and my soul.

While brewing  my favorite coffee, I began  reading articles on one of my favorite subjects;  I found a really good one by Pamela Miles.  She is a Reiki Teacher and has a great blog.  This article in particular really touched something inside me.

I want to share the link for this article.  Here it is:  "Breathing in Reiki"   I hope it blesses your thoughts and your day as it did mine.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Shifting into Winter with Gratitude

The trees and plants have laid down to sleep for a few months.  My work outside is completed until Spring.  My house and little hollow are prepared for winter.    Daylight ends in the early evening.   I am settling in, making peace with the season.  

For most of my adult life I have dreaded and almost despised winter.  I  blame winter for any discomfort, malaise, losses  and inconvenience that occurred in the previous chapter to my life.   My "Inner Guidance" has called upon me to explore  the possibilities of this season like never before.  I choose to process the real or imagined hardships that I  associate with winter.   To do this I need to acknowledge where I am in this moment.  

 My life circumstances have improved immeasurably in ways I never expected.   By contemplating each and everything I am grateful for; I realize that a lot of my attitudes about winter are influenced by the struggles, losses,  hardships and discomfort of  years gone by.   I have locked myself in a jail cell of my own making..a jail cell of despising winter.  

I will begin consciously changing my perception of this season by reviewing my gratitude list everyday and employing all the tools I know.  With Meditation, Reiki, Journeying I will continue to process the emotional pain that I perceive winter to bring me.  

I am ready for this.  I will have the best season ever as I shift into winter with gratitude.  

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Beautiful Mystery

On the way back from visiting friends in Virginia; my husband and I stopped at a rest area to let our puppy stretch and potty.  While we were there I was standing by the fence that marked the end of the rest stop.  There was a valley and then another ridge.  On the next ridge I spotted this strange but beautiful structure.  I found my camera and snapped a couple of pictures of it.

I have no idea what this building is.  I have even searched on maps and google earth.  I have asked people.  No one knows.  At least, no one I have come across.  So for now it is my "Beautiful Mystery".   I catch myself thinking of it often.  It appears to coax a of stream of thought from my subconscious.

I know in time I will find out what this structure is.  But until then I will keep searching for and pondering this amazing puzzle.  For now it is my mystical muse.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Glorious Samhain

This Halloween was remarkable to me.  It was quiet yet powerful.

Hallow's Eve is basically my New Year's Eve.  It has always felt that way to me.  Even as a child.  It was especially thrilling for me to perform my Hallow's Eve prayer/blessing/gratitude ritual in the area of my Healing Ground.  A small grove by the little creek   that I have been utilizing more and more when my Inner Self calls on  me to physically perform a prayer/meditation/blessing ritual.

Last night was one of those occasions.  My puppy, Jackson, was with me.  Just as my beloved friend, Evie,  stood by me for years while she was in this plane.   I called the Four Corners and Cast a Circle.  It felt so right to be once again actively communing with the Natural and Spiritual World.

My words, my energy intersecting and merging perfectly with my intent.   I felt the presence of others before me who have called down the moon and gathered forces for the good of all.  I heard the crunch of the leaves under my feet.  The air was filled with aroma of pine.  The overcast skies promising rain, hovered close.  Fingers of mist and fog already trickling down the mountain, filling the little hollow.  The day almost done, night not yet here.  It was beautiful.

Glorious Samhain!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Spirals, Cycles and Patterns

Life moves along like a stream flowing no matter what else is happening.  It is now October, my most favorite time of year.  Fall and Halloween are it for me.  I love the sights, aroma and feeling of this spectacular seasonal cycle.

I attended the Tea Festival in August.  My Reiki and Common Kitchen Medicine was a success.  I surprised myself .  I am usually nervous speaking to more than 5 people at one time...The room was packed but I enjoyed talking about my subject matter so much I forgot to be nervous.

I am still a little lost without my Evie...but I am glad my beloved friend is in a wonderful place.  I had a couple of really good things happen along with some very heart wrenching and disappointing things.  Well, that's life in this physical plane.  The human condition dictates that we must work with the ego/emotion partnership and sometimes it causes us humans to have fickle and hurtful traits.  It is unintentional for the most part.  no matter how difficult to accept it is.   Which brings me to where I am now.  Once again, contemplating an important lesson my "Inner Guidance" presented to me years ago.  The "Formula for Emotional Control" to help process and not repress painful things and placing myself in the "State of Acceptance".  Things are the way they occurred the way they occurred...if I process them by utilizing the formula...I won't add more angst to the table and I can open myself up to the  process of working through the discomfort.  Embrace it and allow it to run it's course.

Resistance causes resistance.  I learned the hard way that when something is bothering push it away will make it push back.  The push and pull will keep going until I escalate and project my discomfort uncontrollably.  If I choose to repress the discomfort, it will lay dormant inside of me and grow.  And it will rear it's even larger head at another time, some times years later.  Triggered by something not even remotely related.  Neither of these choices work for me.  I am conditioning myself to face the discomfort of painful situations.  When it's gone it's gone and I always gain a bit of inner wisdom.  Like a little prizes in the bottom of the cracker jack box.

Moving on, a lot has happened since I last wrote in August.  For one thing we have a new puppy.  A friend of mine works in an animal shelter and she told me about some puppies that were found under someone's house.  When she was talking about them I knew in my heart I was going to ask for one.  We adopted him 3 weeks ago.  He is precious, busy, bratty and generally a handful.  But worth it.

I am now up before daylight walking my little guy.  It's really good for me and it is amazing to see how fast he is learning things and growing.  My life is shaping itself into a new pattern.  I have no idea what the end product will be.  I am just taking it one day at a time.  My dreams are more vivid and I am more "energy" sensitive than ever.

I am a bit scattered and chaotic at the moment.  Yet calm, taking it in stride.  Because I know I am entering yet another new cycle in my life spiral.  It all begins with patterns.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

225 Church Street, Oak Hill, WV
Satuday, August 24, 2013 12-6pm

Tea tastings, mini lectures/demos on healing with herbs and other alternatives methods:


History, Culture & Medicinal benefits / Dr. Amjad 1:00 – 2:00

COMMON KITCHEN MEDICINE/Debbie Hornby Hughes 2:15 – 2:30
BACKYARD MEDICINE/Lynne 2:45 – 3:00

DIABETES/Donna Walker 3:15 – 3:30

FIBROMYALGIA & CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME/ Janice Sumpter w/Denna Sexton 3:45 – 4:00

WATER QUALITY/Beverly Walkup 4:15 – 4:30

My focus in life is healing. I firmly believe that Healing can only occur when the full measure of the human condition is engaged. Mind, Body and Spirit. I express this in my life by my avid practice of Natural Medicine, Prayer/Meditation and Reiki.

During the Tea Festival I will do a short verbal demonstration of Common Kitchen Medicine. There are so many common ingredients that we use daily that can easily be employed for the maintenance of good health and to help the body heal from minor ailments before they get worse. I will only be able to cover a few of the main ones I use everyday.

The rest of the time during the festival I will be speaking about and demonstrating another one of my healing passions, Reiki. Reiki is a form of “touch therapy”. It has a very therapeutic affect on the body by easing stress, calming the emotions and balances the body's energies.

Reiki is not a religion and it does not cure. It is a gentle noninvasive method of energy balancing and healing that enhances the physical body's ability to heal itself.

Vending space is free.   Just bring your own table.  We also ask that your products be related to the Natural, Herbal, Mind, Body and Spiritual  Healing, and Relaxation.  If anyone is interested in selling their wares, please email me at as soon as possible.  

Hope to see you there.  

Hedral (Debbie Hughes)

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Grief Revisited and the Wisdom this Imparts

It's been a bit difficult the last week and a half.  I have crashed down to the grieving phase again.  My dog passed away on July 22 at 4: 30 pm.  She was with me over 14 years.  I cannot believe the pain it caused me inside to lose her.  It was definitely her time, she knew how we loved and cherished her, we had a wonderful time together all those years but it still hurt really bad.

I can see now that deep grief will rip the scab off of any grief I have ever had that I did not fully process.  Any grief that has been repressed is buried somewhere inside of me and becomes triggered by any new grief.

It was really miserable the first three days.  I was pretty much immobilized by this crushing pain and I cried so much my eyes were almost swollen shut.  I felt so lost and too horrible to even move.   I just sat, cried with the intent of processing my pain.  Not resisting it..allow the rawness of it to move through me.  By the fourth day I was moving out of the sorrow bound state.

My next stage was irritation bordering on anger.  I watched that with great curiosity.  Where in the world did that come from?   I didn't act it out because I was too busy observing this phase of my emotions.

This too passed but it left behind some interesting inclinations.   It left an urge to "clean up my house".  And I don't mean the house I am living in..(although that could use a good cleaning, too.)  This urge involves taking  a look at the mess the death of my beautiful friend stirred up.    I am  really scrutinizing some aspects of my emotional and social life.   What do I like and need and what do I keep around just because it's an emotional habit?  That is the question.  What pleases me and what do I need to leave behind?

It will take me a while to process this.  More wisdom is always welcome no matter what method of delivery is used.

So besides the wonderful 14 years I shared with Evie, my dog...I am also grateful for this opportunity to review what is working in my life and what is not.  Thank you Evie!  I miss you!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Threads on a Carpet

It's been a busy summer for me here in the Hollow.  Lots of outside work to do along with my planting and gathering of weeds and plants.

The sun is hot and the air is humid.  I can smell the dirt I am working in.  My little Hollow is alive with activity and color.    It holds my attention thoroughly.  As I work on my chores I ponder so many things.

All week I notice my mind travels to how much I have changed in the way I think.  My thoughts are no longer loaded with feelings of inadequacy.  I no longer go over situations,  events and  people who have  hurt me.  I no longer mull over my resentments, failures and  hurt.   I no longer blame anyone for what happened to me, my first husband and my children.

I do experience some and anxiety and fear but I truly believe that is part of the human condition that will never let me go completely.  Still, it does not have a hold on my life, thoughts, ego and emotions as it once did.

I am not exactly sure when my insides took a turn on how I perceive and interpret stimuli.  It was gradual, so gradual I truly didn't notice how much I had changed.  Until...I was on my hands and knees picking cleaver and red clovers and digging up dandelion root.   I was thinking about some issues that in the past I would have been resentful and hurt over.  But I wasn't.  I sat down and looked around, wiping the sweat pouring down my face with my dirty hands.  I watched a Daddy Long Legs stroll over my dusty legs.

For once I could clearly see past my own personality/ego issues enough to finally get it.   Something I knew intellectually but now I experienced it viscerally.  With my whole self.

We are all threads on a large carpet.  The weaving is continuous.  Every thread is related.   Every thread ,no matter what part of the carpet,  is related to all of it's parts.  We are all subject to the challenges of the human condition.   Our perception and interpretation of stimuli may be diverse and thus our response and reactions.  But we are still..all threads on the same carpet.

The gradual changes in me brought me to this flash of knowing.  It pushed me through yet another doorway.  I cannot go back once I stepped over the threshold.  Nor do I want to.  I want to know more about this.  I want to truly see.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Today I was engaged in a very dogged battle with a large nest of wasps and yellow jackets.  It sounds ridiculous but it's not to me.  I like bees, ants, spiders etc.  And I have had a pretty consistent understanding with them.  They are welcome to make nests anywhere that is away from my house and garage.  I have a fair amount of land and all are welcome.  Snakes, coyotes, racoons, and yes, even bigfoot.  But not in my house or near it.

When I am working in my hollow I take great pains to respect all the bees, wasps, snakes, salamanders etc. I painstakingly stay away from their homes and they have stayed away from mine.  Until today.  Day before yesterday I sat on my front porch and there were no bees or wasps hanging about.  A random bee would fly by but today I go out on my front porch and I am swarmed by yellow jackets.  They are coming from the cushion of my wooden love seat.  I take a broom handle, slowly and very carefully I remove the cushions and under them is a wasp/yellow jacket city.   The porch is full and they are dive bombing ferociously.  I got my dog and two cats inside quickly.

I began to give them help calm them down.  This usually works but it had no effect.  I threw the cushions off the porch into the yard, thinking they would follow.  I asked my Guidance to forgive my disruption of their nests and please help me communicate to them that they cannot make nests in this area.  

I meditated for a long time and continued to send them all Reiki.  The majority of them left but there were about thirty that would come in a swarm whenever I went out the front door. 

My cats escaped out of the  front door and immediately were swarmed.  I took a broom and waved it around in an attempt to break up the swarm surrounding them.  I gave the wasps and yellow jackets one more chance but they continued to remain on the porch.  I checked all over for more nests while attempting not to get stung.  

 A few more left.  Approximately 10 remained and were buzzing and dive bombing like crazy.

My dog had to go potty desperately.  The mad gang of wasps and yellow jackets had seemingly disappeared.  I led her out the door and down the steps quickly.  The few that were left began to dive bomb and swarm.  My poor dog got stung twice.

That was it!

I committed the atrocity that I constantly beg my husband to refrain from doing whenever he sees a bug on the porch.  I resorted to chemical warfare.  It made me feel sick.  But one of my cats and my dog were stung.  I have neighbors that come and go.   My husband and I need to be able to go in and out of that door.

I found where my husband hid the spray.  And after one last warning...I used it.  It broke my heart but I did it anyway.   And now there are no wasps or yellow jackets swarming.  There were a few stray bumble bees who flew by out of curiosity maybe.  I shooed them away because of the fumes.

I just got done washing down my porch.  Thank goodness the majority of the wasps and the yellow jackets left before I resorted to chemical warfare.  *sigh*

Why am I putting this on my blog?  Because I am upset for the loss of those wasps and yellow jackets.  I am upset that I felt so out of options that I gave in and used the bug spray.  If I share this with people around me they will not understand.  Most think the only good bug/bee is a dead one.

But I treasure them all.   I am sorry that my pets were injured by them.  I am sorry that the wasps and yellow jackets died.  Silly or not...crazy or not..this is how I feel.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Verbascum Densiflorum, Witch's Taper, Candlestick

I love Mullein.  I am not sure why but I love the way it looks.  Something about this plant makes me feel warm inside.  I can't explain it but it is the truth for me.  I had no mullein growing around my house or up the hollow.

Two summers ago I was in Thurmond, an old ghost town in West Virginia.  I found a huge mullein plant growing beside the road.  The stalk was full of seeds.  I took the stalk...brought it to my house and shook the stalk free of it's seeds in front of my house.  

Nothing happened.  I was kind of disappointed.  So disappointed that my husband ordered Mullein seeds for me.  I didn't plant those seeds until this spring.  They are still growing out in a pot on my back porch.

Nothing happened in front of my house until this spring.  I was hoeing up weeds around the rose bushes and wild onions.  I planted some horseradish I had received from a kind person in my Herbal Class.  And I noticed a small green plant that was growing in the corner.  I hoed around it.  It caught my attention so fully and I didn't know why.  

After I was done working in this planting bed, I sat down and drew the little green plant in the corner.  I had no idea what it was but it pulled my attention so intently.  For weeks I had no idea what it was.  I just let it grow because I loved looking at it...

And then one day I noticed it was growing a stalk with small yellow flowers on it.  It was mullein.  I was so ecstatic!  No wonder I was so enthralled with this plant.  Now it makes perfect sense.  Well, at least to me.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spring Has Sprung, So Have My Poor Aching Muscles

Manual labor is good for a body.  And I am so pleased that Spring finally arrived.  I have spent the last few weeks doing the intensive but necessary chores of cleanup of winter debris and preparation to grow things.  
I am happy, my stamina is better than it was three weeks ago but some of my muscles are aching! 

So one rainy day I made myself a batch of Cayenne Salve.  I love this stuff.  I put it on my back, my shoulders, my knees and even around my ankles.  It doesn't have a sharp burn or odor like the store bought Gels and Salves for muscle aches.  

Cayenne pepper salve has a slower, subtle yet very effective heat.   It gently eases the inflammation pain nerve ending by nerve ending.   It will cause burning if you accidently rub your eyes before washing hands..(ugh found out the hard way)...

Here is how you make it:  This is not my recipe but one that I obtained from Mountain Rose Herbal Site.

Cayenne Salve

1/2 cup olive oil

Two heaping teaspoons of cayenne powder (or 15 grams). 
(Just pick this up at the market if you don't have any.)

1/2 ounce of beeswax
(Available at Mountain Rose Herbs, along with cayenne)

Double boiler
(I used a heat resistant bowl resting on a pot of simmering water)

(Available in supermarkets.)
Begin by infusing the cayenne into the olive oil over a double burner.

I heat the oil and cayenne until it is warm, turn off the heat and let it sit (warmly) for about 20 minutes, then turn the heat on again.

I do this for at least one hour to a couple of hours, you could do it for 24 hours if desired.

Once the cayenne and olive oil have been infused, strain off the powder through a cheesecloth. Reserve the infused oil.

Heat the beeswax until it is melted. Stir in the infused oil until the beeswax and oil have been thoroughly melted together and combined.

Immediately pour this mixture into jars or tins. (Makes roughly 4 ounces).

Let it cool and then label it.

Using your cayenne salve

This cayenne salve can be used on aches and pains, from sore muscles and joints to bruises and even nerve pain.

It is best for closed wounds and may sting a bit on open wounds. Even on closed skin you may feel a bit of burning or heat in the area where it is used. It should be applied externally only and used within 6 months for the best results.

If using it for arthritic pain it may take up to a week or two to see results. In this case you want to use it daily to decrease chronic pain.

Caution: When cayenne comes in contact with your mucosal membranes or eyes it will burn! Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after touching cayenne or use gloves to apply the salve to the desired area. If you are using the cayenne salve on your hands, consider applying it at night and then sleeping with gloves on.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Tonic of Hair Raising Proportions

As I mentioned in one of my most recent posts, I am coming out of hibernation.  Shaking off the dust, knocking the cobwebs out of my head and getting geared up to work in the glorious outdoors when spring finally arrives.

After realizing I was a bit sluggish after the winter I began taking a tonic that I learned about in my Herbal Medicine Class.  I also restarted my exercise and walking routine.  I have seen a big big difference in my energy level.  I have even accomplished a large part of my indoor spring cleaning.

This tonic is good for several reasons.  It is good for the digestive organs.  It kind of resets the gut, which in turn increases the well being of the entire body.  This particular mixture also builds the immune system as well as help in treating a cold or virus after it is contracted.   I personally have noted that it helps me with bladder irritation and I seem to have less bodily aches.  

So here it is.  My Tonic of choice:

Hair Raising Cider

I quart apple cider vinegar
1 onion chopped
1 HEAD of garlic, peeled and chopped
2 Tablespoons of Turmeric
1/4 cup grated horseradish
1 cup of honey

Combine the vinegar, horseradish, onion, garlic, turmeric and a pinch or two of cayenne.  Cover and sit in a warm place for 3 to 4 weeks.  (I couldn't wait ..I only let the first batch sit for 2 weeks)

Strain the mixture after it sets for 3 to 4 weeks , add the honey and rebottle.

Refrigerate this and take 1 to 2 tablespoons once a day, preferably first thing in the morning.     Along with this cider, drink lots of water.  It really helps every part of your body to drink water.

(f you develop signs of a cold you can take 1 to 2 tablespoons every two or three hours through out the day until the symptoms subside.  Also drink multiple glasses of water. )

Now if this recipe is a bit much at first, I would suggest making a simple tonic of equal parts apple cider vinegar, honey and water.  Keep it in a jar and drink 1 or 2 Tablespoons  per day, first thing in the morning if you can.   Chase it down with lots of water.

You may not appreciate the taste so much but your body will love this!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Out of Hibernation and Into the Sun

I believe I have been in a type of hibernation   The long dark cold days of Winter are almost done and Spring is surely coming.  The sun came out today for the first time in days.  And the temperature is supposed to climb into the upper 40's.

There were a few days this winter that I stayed in my pajamas all day.  I puttered around the house but never got dressed.  I read, meditated and contemplated a lot this winter.   I cooked and baked a lot of comfort type meals and unfortunately ate them.

I did manage to keep myself on a minimal exercise program.  It started out well in the beginning of winter.  I was having a lot of separation anxiety with the sun, warm days and being outside a lot.  But as the winter progressed I kind of slacked.

The things that kept me active were my job and my herbal classes and cooking, of course.

Well, it's time to shake myself out of hibernation and prepare for the spring.  Which sounds easier than it really is. I got kind of used to moving slower and staying inside a lot. I have implemented my plan of readiness.  Warm days are coming and I have a lot of outdoor projects pending.  

I am renewing my exercise regime and restarting daily walks with my dog.  (Despite the interference of the bloodhound that lives on the hill and believes with all of her soul that I am trespassing on her territory when I trek up my hollow.)  

I made myself a tonic of apple cider vinegar, honey and water.  I keep it in the fridge and swig an ounce or so down every day.  It takes some getting used to but it does help with the center of physical functions ..which is our gut.  It balances body chemistry and helps the digestive organs do their job better.

I am no master gardener.  Truth be told, I am a "noob".  However I did pretty well with the herbs I grew last year and I am expanding on that a bit along with a tomato plant or two.  I already have a horseradish bulb in a pot. I have a few seeds I am going to be starting as soon as I get some potting soil.  (My cats mistook the huge pot with extra soil I kept on the porch for a "portable kitty outhouse"..So all the egg shells, fruit peels and coffee grounds I put in there was good practice but .well..let's just say it isn't  feasible to use that soil anymore.)  Live and Learn..

I have a very large yard with a lot of trees.  So limbs are falling off the trees all the time.  I was industrious enough this winter to keep most of them picked up.  I piled them all on a patio slab in my back yard.  I walk around the yard and pick up sticks..literally.  Once a week I would haul my hibernating, stew and pasta  stuffed body around my yard and up my hollow to pick up sticks.  And get some blood moving.

I have large piles everywhere.   When the sun comes long enough to warm up the ground and hardening it, I will have my husband repair the flat tire on my red wagon, hitch it to my Cub Cadet and I will begin hauling all the limbs to the burn pile up the holler.    Then I will start working my planting beds.  I am expanding on this a bit so that will require some extra hoeing.  

Today I will make my husband a nutritious dinner, go to my herbal class and then off to get some groceries.  When I come home I will wash my windows on the inside.  I already took all the curtains down to be washed.  (I am attempting to tempt myself to dabble in a little spring cleaning.)  They are all clean and ready to be put back tomorrow.  I will go from there.  I may shampoo the carpet in a couple of rooms.  I have earmarked two closets that need to be emptied, cleaned and pantry and my main linen closet.

Hmmmm..It doesn't bear thinking about right now.  Curling up with my kindle sounds better..but deep down I am truly sensing a stirring inside me.  It is urging me to start moving a bit.  

There is something in the air even though there is still a bit of snow on the ground.   It feels like the earth is calling me to come out and play.  Spring is almost here!

Friday, February 15, 2013

A Big Step Through Another Doorway

Last March (2012) on my blogspot, I wrote about "Stepping Through Doorways".   Well I have stepped through many of those in my life span.  I stepped through another one last night.

This time it was a bit different.  I did not argue with myself, I did not run in and run back out and wait to regroup.  I didn't shove myself through kicking and screaming.

I stepped through this "doorway"  mindfully, deliberately.  I am not going to say it was without difficulty.  It gave me some twinges but my passion, my heart guided me.  Last night I gave my first public seminar or talk about Reiki.  I gave it at a local hospital.  I enjoyed it thoroughly even though the acceptance of this was mixed.

Why is this a remarkable "doorway" for me?  I moved to a place where many view "alternative" healing therapies as opposing to their religion.   The  hesitancy and outright fear of even being presented with a concept of "energy healing" is very real here.   I have met a few people here and there and I am open about my healing practices with them.   Some are very open to it in fact,  I also have discovered a great curiosity about Reiki and other forms of practices.

And so  one of these curious souls asked me to give an informational discussion about Reiki.   I devised a very basic outline to follow and printed it for a handout.  I utilized my outline and filled in the spaces freestyle. Which worked very well.  I was amazed at how calm I assured.  I loved this experience despite some of the negative and fearful views I received.

Wait, maybe I enjoyed it because of the fearful remarks and attitudes.  I was able to give a calming perspective.  Which basically is:  Everyone has the right to make their own decisions about things.  It's good to hear about varied modalities but that never means you have to accept it personally.   I also reinforced that I was there to inform not convert, convince or coerce anyone into believing in what I was discussing.

Afterwards I invited questions.  That was very very enlightening as well as interesting.

However;  the best part of all was when a few of them asked for me to show them how Reiki feels.  And I did.

A year or two ago I would never have been able to make myself do something that is so controversial here.  But somehow, along the line, I lost some of my fear and anxiety about exposing myself and my beliefs for public perusal.  Interesting.

Well, I am out there now.  There is no going back.  And that's good.  Today I have had requests for a Reiki 1 class.   This is exciting!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Clearing the Way

I haven't written for a while.  I had another egg I was sitting on.  Waiting for it to be ready to hatch.  And finally it has.  So, here i am.  

I believe I am beginning to sort myself out at a very deep level.  I can't accurately put it into words.  There is the same old stream of anxious/frustration.   However,  there is something else with it. A strengthening kind of push. Kind of like sun peeking through the clouds of a dark and dreary day. With the implied promise of sunny days without clouds.  Progress!

Maybe I spend an awful lot of time sorting out my emotions..but to be honest..I have been kind of “emotionally” crippled since I was very young and I don't know why. I have worked through so much buried things I would not or could not deal with.  I am so much better for it.   But as I dig deeper..I am finding  more tenacious and hidden things that are probably the basis for most of it.

And this is the most difficult to work through. But I have this feeling that I am making headway.

Why am I doing this after I have made such progress already?   Because what is using my relationships and life situations as a place to trigger and act out. I do not want that. I want to be able to know what is a real problem that needs discussion and work ..and what are merely triggered projections from deeply buried repressed emotions.   The other reason is:  I am being presented with opportunities that I have not had before.  I want to utilize these to my fullest potential.  

For this work I am using Reiki of course. I will continue to process harsh and uncomfortable feelings by utilizing the “State of Acceptance”, “Formula for Emotional Control”, Living in my own flow, The Violet Flame, Living in the Now, Meditation, some Shamanic journeying with my Power Animal and my Inner Guidance, of course.   

That is one major discovery I made about myself and others. We all have the tools for inner healing within us.    We are our own Healing Ground.  

It reminds me of someone who has a bit of land that is filled with rocks, debris and trash.  The clean up begins with the trash that is scattered and blowing around, then the heavier debris.  Then comes the hard part..the roots of dead trees and rocks that need to be dug up.  It could be left there after the trash and debris is  picked up.  However,  if you wanted to really utilize your piece of land, you would need to clear it well to plant some nourishing and beneficial plants and trees.  

I am now digging up the roots of my dead issues and the rocks of pain I have hidden.   I want to plant healthier things.   And so I continue to clear my healing ground.  

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Into the New Year I Go

I floundered a bit in December.  At least that is what it felt like to me.  If I had not had the support and direction of my "Inner Guidance" I would have lost myself completely.  But thankfully, I was able to work through each difficult day with the "tools" I have acquired over the years.  Daily intentional circulation of my energy through my energy centers, body and aura, Reiki, meditation, working the "Formula for Emotional Control",  living in the "state of acceptance" and processing uncomfortable emotions with awareness and acknowledgement got me through and I sense I am stronger within than ever before.

The heaviness lifted and I find myself more connected to my spirituality than ever.  I have a nasty cold right now.  My first sickness of any type for a long long time.  I am utilizing this as a reminder to rest my mind, body and spirit for a few days and continue to process the new level of energy vibration I sense all through me.  The vibrational frequency has increased immensely and it is taking me some time to get accustomed to it.

I have noted a couple of abilities that seem to have risen up from all of this upheaval inside me.  Maybe I have always had these particular abilities but did not have the conscious awareness of them.  I don't know for sure.  But it is amazing and a little daunting at the same time.  But like everything else, I have faith that my Guidance will help me utilize these gifts for the greatest good for me and others.

I will expound more on this in a few days but for right now I am letting my Self settle into it.

I am just thankful the heaviness has lifted.  My curiosity and delight in life has returned.  I feel bigger somehow...and not just because of eating holiday goodies (Which I did indulge in..*sighs*.a lot).   Maybe the word is "expansive".   My range of possibilities and faith have expanded beyond my previous conscious capacity.

It's difficult to explain the unexplainable with words.  I will just step into the New Year and see where it leads me.

I wish everyone a very happy, healthy, loving and prosperous New Year!

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