Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Shifting into Winter with Gratitude

The trees and plants have laid down to sleep for a few months.  My work outside is completed until Spring.  My house and little hollow are prepared for winter.    Daylight ends in the early evening.   I am settling in, making peace with the season.  

For most of my adult life I have dreaded and almost despised winter.  I  blame winter for any discomfort, malaise, losses  and inconvenience that occurred in the previous chapter to my life.   My "Inner Guidance" has called upon me to explore  the possibilities of this season like never before.  I choose to process the real or imagined hardships that I  associate with winter.   To do this I need to acknowledge where I am in this moment.  

 My life circumstances have improved immeasurably in ways I never expected.   By contemplating each and everything I am grateful for; I realize that a lot of my attitudes about winter are influenced by the struggles, losses,  hardships and discomfort of  years gone by.   I have locked myself in a jail cell of my own making..a jail cell of despising winter.  

I will begin consciously changing my perception of this season by reviewing my gratitude list everyday and employing all the tools I know.  With Meditation, Reiki, Journeying I will continue to process the emotional pain that I perceive winter to bring me.  

I am ready for this.  I will have the best season ever as I shift into winter with gratitude.  

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Beautiful Mystery

On the way back from visiting friends in Virginia; my husband and I stopped at a rest area to let our puppy stretch and potty.  While we were there I was standing by the fence that marked the end of the rest stop.  There was a valley and then another ridge.  On the next ridge I spotted this strange but beautiful structure.  I found my camera and snapped a couple of pictures of it.

I have no idea what this building is.  I have even searched on maps and google earth.  I have asked people.  No one knows.  At least, no one I have come across.  So for now it is my "Beautiful Mystery".   I catch myself thinking of it often.  It appears to coax a of stream of thought from my subconscious.

I know in time I will find out what this structure is.  But until then I will keep searching for and pondering this amazing puzzle.  For now it is my mystical muse.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Glorious Samhain

This Halloween was remarkable to me.  It was quiet yet powerful.

Hallow's Eve is basically my New Year's Eve.  It has always felt that way to me.  Even as a child.  It was especially thrilling for me to perform my Hallow's Eve prayer/blessing/gratitude ritual in the area of my Healing Ground.  A small grove by the little creek   that I have been utilizing more and more when my Inner Self calls on  me to physically perform a prayer/meditation/blessing ritual.

Last night was one of those occasions.  My puppy, Jackson, was with me.  Just as my beloved friend, Evie,  stood by me for years while she was in this plane.   I called the Four Corners and Cast a Circle.  It felt so right to be once again actively communing with the Natural and Spiritual World.

My words, my energy intersecting and merging perfectly with my intent.   I felt the presence of others before me who have called down the moon and gathered forces for the good of all.  I heard the crunch of the leaves under my feet.  The air was filled with aroma of pine.  The overcast skies promising rain, hovered close.  Fingers of mist and fog already trickling down the mountain, filling the little hollow.  The day almost done, night not yet here.  It was beautiful.

Glorious Samhain!

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