Thursday, December 29, 2011

Reviewing Life Choices

A friend of mine, from the place I used to live, asked me a question. And that question kind of triggered a much needed review of an important idea that I try always to be mindful of..but sometimes am not.

My friend asked me what his future held. While I repeated the same thing I tell him all the time when he asks this, it occurred to me that I would be thankful for his question because it caused me to reopen my awareness to a basic truth of mine which life is shaped by the choices I make. Every choice, large and small, every second, minute, hour and day. Every choice is a step towards a direction I will be following in my life.

It brought it back to my full attention that I needed to renew my focus on this in order to observe and be aware of what I was thinking and what I was choosing. It isn't a few large decisions that shape our life as much as the tiny ones we make a thousand times a day.

I must admit, my choices have not all been good ones the last week. Many have but a few have not. By seeing this I could begin immediately to alter my direction. Being careful not to berate myself but to gently guide myself ( after all I am my own best friend) to choose things that were better for my self and my life.

And so I told my friend (once again) that I was no fortune teller. Not that there is anything wrong with's just not one of my gifts. And I explained to him about my truth about how choices shape our lives and direction. It didn't go over to well. I am not sure why.

Is it better to think we are helplessly swept by the wind of life or is it better to know we have ways of shaping our own personal reality? I prefer the latter.

I think it all goes back to energy. Doesn't everything? I believe that when I am observing and being aware of my thought patterns, choices I make every changes the vibrational pattern..literally raising the vibration of my conscious thought.

Raising the level of vibration of my energy field is a very important part of my spiritual work.
It appears to have the same affect on my thought patterns. It seems to have a similar affect as when I deliberately focus on circulating my auric energy. My energy vibrates at a higher rate.

In my world..raising the vibrational level of my energy is everything. In thought and practice.

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