Friday, February 15, 2013

A Big Step Through Another Doorway

Last March (2012) on my blogspot, I wrote about "Stepping Through Doorways".   Well I have stepped through many of those in my life span.  I stepped through another one last night.

This time it was a bit different.  I did not argue with myself, I did not run in and run back out and wait to regroup.  I didn't shove myself through kicking and screaming.

I stepped through this "doorway"  mindfully, deliberately.  I am not going to say it was without difficulty.  It gave me some twinges but my passion, my heart guided me.  Last night I gave my first public seminar or talk about Reiki.  I gave it at a local hospital.  I enjoyed it thoroughly even though the acceptance of this was mixed.

Why is this a remarkable "doorway" for me?  I moved to a place where many view "alternative" healing therapies as opposing to their religion.   The  hesitancy and outright fear of even being presented with a concept of "energy healing" is very real here.   I have met a few people here and there and I am open about my healing practices with them.   Some are very open to it in fact,  I also have discovered a great curiosity about Reiki and other forms of practices.

And so  one of these curious souls asked me to give an informational discussion about Reiki.   I devised a very basic outline to follow and printed it for a handout.  I utilized my outline and filled in the spaces freestyle. Which worked very well.  I was amazed at how calm I assured.  I loved this experience despite some of the negative and fearful views I received.

Wait, maybe I enjoyed it because of the fearful remarks and attitudes.  I was able to give a calming perspective.  Which basically is:  Everyone has the right to make their own decisions about things.  It's good to hear about varied modalities but that never means you have to accept it personally.   I also reinforced that I was there to inform not convert, convince or coerce anyone into believing in what I was discussing.

Afterwards I invited questions.  That was very very enlightening as well as interesting.

However;  the best part of all was when a few of them asked for me to show them how Reiki feels.  And I did.

A year or two ago I would never have been able to make myself do something that is so controversial here.  But somehow, along the line, I lost some of my fear and anxiety about exposing myself and my beliefs for public perusal.  Interesting.

Well, I am out there now.  There is no going back.  And that's good.  Today I have had requests for a Reiki 1 class.   This is exciting!

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