Friday, March 8, 2013

Out of Hibernation and Into the Sun

I believe I have been in a type of hibernation   The long dark cold days of Winter are almost done and Spring is surely coming.  The sun came out today for the first time in days.  And the temperature is supposed to climb into the upper 40's.

There were a few days this winter that I stayed in my pajamas all day.  I puttered around the house but never got dressed.  I read, meditated and contemplated a lot this winter.   I cooked and baked a lot of comfort type meals and unfortunately ate them.

I did manage to keep myself on a minimal exercise program.  It started out well in the beginning of winter.  I was having a lot of separation anxiety with the sun, warm days and being outside a lot.  But as the winter progressed I kind of slacked.

The things that kept me active were my job and my herbal classes and cooking, of course.

Well, it's time to shake myself out of hibernation and prepare for the spring.  Which sounds easier than it really is. I got kind of used to moving slower and staying inside a lot. I have implemented my plan of readiness.  Warm days are coming and I have a lot of outdoor projects pending.  

I am renewing my exercise regime and restarting daily walks with my dog.  (Despite the interference of the bloodhound that lives on the hill and believes with all of her soul that I am trespassing on her territory when I trek up my hollow.)  

I made myself a tonic of apple cider vinegar, honey and water.  I keep it in the fridge and swig an ounce or so down every day.  It takes some getting used to but it does help with the center of physical functions ..which is our gut.  It balances body chemistry and helps the digestive organs do their job better.

I am no master gardener.  Truth be told, I am a "noob".  However I did pretty well with the herbs I grew last year and I am expanding on that a bit along with a tomato plant or two.  I already have a horseradish bulb in a pot. I have a few seeds I am going to be starting as soon as I get some potting soil.  (My cats mistook the huge pot with extra soil I kept on the porch for a "portable kitty outhouse"..So all the egg shells, fruit peels and coffee grounds I put in there was good practice but .well..let's just say it isn't  feasible to use that soil anymore.)  Live and Learn..

I have a very large yard with a lot of trees.  So limbs are falling off the trees all the time.  I was industrious enough this winter to keep most of them picked up.  I piled them all on a patio slab in my back yard.  I walk around the yard and pick up sticks..literally.  Once a week I would haul my hibernating, stew and pasta  stuffed body around my yard and up my hollow to pick up sticks.  And get some blood moving.

I have large piles everywhere.   When the sun comes long enough to warm up the ground and hardening it, I will have my husband repair the flat tire on my red wagon, hitch it to my Cub Cadet and I will begin hauling all the limbs to the burn pile up the holler.    Then I will start working my planting beds.  I am expanding on this a bit so that will require some extra hoeing.  

Today I will make my husband a nutritious dinner, go to my herbal class and then off to get some groceries.  When I come home I will wash my windows on the inside.  I already took all the curtains down to be washed.  (I am attempting to tempt myself to dabble in a little spring cleaning.)  They are all clean and ready to be put back tomorrow.  I will go from there.  I may shampoo the carpet in a couple of rooms.  I have earmarked two closets that need to be emptied, cleaned and pantry and my main linen closet.

Hmmmm..It doesn't bear thinking about right now.  Curling up with my kindle sounds better..but deep down I am truly sensing a stirring inside me.  It is urging me to start moving a bit.  

There is something in the air even though there is still a bit of snow on the ground.   It feels like the earth is calling me to come out and play.  Spring is almost here!

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