Friday, January 10, 2014

Stormy Days

I woke up this morning with strange aching around my neck and the back of my head.  My heart center feels "lumpy and tender".  I sense a stream of something coming up through my second chakra...through my solar plexus..into my aching lumpy heart center.  It feels like frustration with a bit of impatience thrown in.  The least amount of effort seems to be too much.

As I attempt to pull my "Self" away from this hotbed  of misery long enough to observe and assess the situation; I notice this overwhelming stream of sadness coming over me and then I burst into tears.  So now I am aching and tearful and I have absolutely no reason why.

I have worked at processing my emotions for so long that I have condtioned myself not to rely on "triggering situations" to provide the reason.  I am stymied.    I don't have a clue as to why I feel so awful this morning.  I can't even identify any "triggering"  sensations or situations that precipitated this dilemma.

I will admit that they crying wave brought me a sense of inner relief but still I have no idea what caused the sobbing fit.  I do feel calmer and less frustrated and impatient.  But I do sense a mild and quiet sadness has settled in me a bit.  My neck and head are still aching.

I am trying to just sit with this and not resist.  To observe the patterns of the energy movement and my responses while giving myself  Reiki as a supportive compassionate action.   I will consciously circulate my energy to prevent blockages.  I will be kind to myself.

This storm will eventually pass and maybe I will learn something new about my "self".  

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