Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Eyes Have It

Eyes are wondrous organs. They serve us in so many amazing ways, many we are not even aware of. Eyes are busy every second of our waking lives. They not only help us see our surroundings but they allow others to see our truer selves, beyond the defensive facade we present to this physical plane.

Our eyes are busy and sometimes they become strained. From carrying our emotional stress, doing close up work on electronic devices daily, viewing the multiple stimuli that happens around us every minute of the day and just being open for too long without a rest.

I used to take my eyes for granted. I was, of course, aware of their importance to the human body in an intellectual way. I used them constantly without acknowledging or giving a thought to how strained they might be. . I wasn't aware until I began practicing Reiki.

The first time I placed my hands over my eyes with the intent to ease the physical and emotional stress of my eyes; I could not believe the immense sense of relief I sensed deep in my eyes, reaching far down into the other parts of my body. It literally caused tears to form and fall. From that initial experience of actually focusing on my eyes with a healing intent, I realized the magnitude of importance my eyes have over my life.

I could sense for the first time the connection my eyes have with not only physical vision but subtle energies. How the power of my eyes connects with my energy centers of my body.

After that I began incorporating “eye care” into my daily energy cleansing and aura circulating practices. I, of course, give my eyes “energy healing” treatments. My method of choice is Reiki. But there are many other modes of “energy healing” which are just as effective. The goal is to ease the stress and strain of our eyes.

Other methods of relieving eye strain and stress are aromatheraphy, massaging the forehead and face, cold compresses , eye exercises, and taking a break from close up work, closing your eyes and taking deep breaths. Merely placing the palms of your hands over your eyes is soothing and healing.

There are so many methods to achieve the goal of easing our beautiful orbs. The most important thing is that we remember to incorporate them into our daily routines of self care. Because the eyes have it and manage it all for us.

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