Friday, February 10, 2012

Stumbling into The Unknown, Unknowable.

In the Nordic Rune system there is a Rune that is Blank. It is called the “Unknowable. The path unclear and is taken totally on faith. The path that is the culmination of all roads already traveled. The rune represents such a powerful experience that sometimes it is labeled “Transformation similar to death”

I am in the “Unknowable”. The Vast emptiness pregnant with possibilities. I am terrified but excited and mindful of what a gift and blessing this time is. I pray to “The Creator of All” that I flow with this cycle in ways that will enrich me on all levels of life. I will follow the paths I am “Guided” to follow. I have no idea where it will lead but I know it is where I need to be.

Although this cycle feels sudden to me it was a long time coming. The signs were all there, ever since when I began to sense and listen to my “Guidance” many years ago.

There is a speaking in me that resonates without a voice. A growing essence that continually is expanding and changing shape.

In “Face of a Thousand Heroes”, Joseph Campbell discusses how the “potential hero” is urged to perform a particular quest. The quest is risky, unclear and dangerous at times. However, if the hero declines and chooses to remain in the illusion of “safety and security” and ignore the quest, the results are irredeemable.

I am the “potential hero” of my own life and I will not ignore this quest even though my ego is bellowing and pleading with me to stay where it’s safe and known.
And so like the “Fool”, I go stumbling off to do whatever it is I am guided to do, into the “Unknowable” to quest within mySelf..

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