Sunday, February 26, 2012

Stuck in some kind of learning curve

I am not sure if that is what is happening but it feels like it. I haven't written for days because I am kind of settling in to another shift or level of sensing that has caused me some mild upheaval and a kind of confused and slanted view of my world and environment. My Guidance is teaching me another step to "circulating my aura". It is to Circulate the Aura of my physical life environment and structures. My acceptance and attempts to practice this new step kind of reminds me of the learning curve and the "Power Law of Practice".

It never occurred to me to circulate the aura of my physical environment, structures and situations. I felt circulating my aura was sufficient and extended to my physical life, surroundings and situations. Well, as far as I can tell, it does. But my Guidance wants me to do this because it will enhance the energy vibrational level of my physical environment and situations. In other words, if I didn't do this next step it would be fine but They want me to do the next step...cause it will be better for me. Nuff said..I will do it.

I am not sure the reason yet, It's kind of new information to my conscious mind. But I can ascertain this, by raising the vibrational energy level of the aura of my physical life structure and situations..I can periodically cleanse the residual emotional/egoic crap that builds up. Because everything that is in my physical environment can become saturated with my emotional/egoic energy..whatever that may be at a given time. Stagnating energy in my physical life and situations is not my body's aura, should be circulating for optimal health and strength.

I am working out the details..They come slowly. I have begun practicing it. But it has a strange "after feeling". It's not bad..just different.

My Guides did let me know..that I was not supposed to practice this anymore than 3 times a week and optimally no less than once a month.

The idea is not to wipe out the ego/emotional influence but to work with it. And even sometimes, let it happen. I am human and this is the human condition. I need to experience things this way. The ego/emotions have some great attributes. It is not my enemy. It is a source of rich experiential sensation. Otherwise I would be like some "goody two shoes robot".

I am a human in the physical life and I am a spiritual being. I want to be able to see past my emotions/ego to live my life on all levels to the best of my ability. I also want to experience and sense what is here in the physical world. I want a balance. I don't want to live in my ego/emotions..but I want to experience them at times.

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