Sunday, July 15, 2012

Healing a Troubled Mind

I have come to see that healing is a constant process. It is a step by step, day by day and minute by minute step. Every aspect of the human condition requires healing. The intent of healing leads me where I need to be.

The deep spiritual work I have accomplished for the past two decades has taught me that there is no one day where I will wake up..totally enlightened, spiritually focused with a healthy mind and body that will never be troubled again by the mundane issues of this physical life. The bad news is the challenges of being human in this physical plane are ongoing until it is our time to leave this physical plane. We will always be subject to the limitations.

The good news is: when we become aware of our deeper Self, our connection with "The Source of All That Is", we can learn to navigate this slippery plane in better ways. We can find that part of us that "Knows" We will have tools to help us work with our greatest adversary, ourselves. We can see beyond the illusions of personality, beyond the fear, anxiety and confusion that shapes so much of our collective society's personality.

My goal everyday is to put myself in "The Flow" of life. The Flow deep inside me that I can sense with my heart and deeper Self. If I wake up with a troubled mind, my first task is to get a hold of myself, process my discomfort and sense the flow. When I get myself in "The Flow" things begin to fall in place as they are meant to be. I am calmer inside and my ego/emotional/mind chatter is quieter.

The ways of getting there are varied. Meditation, of course, is a good one. Reiki or other forms of 'energy healing" methods. Another one for me is to go outside, work on my yard, walk around and look at weeds with my dog. When I do this I become so focused on what I am doing it switches my perspective. I work until I become aware that I am very tired, covered in sweat and thirsty. Another one is to use my stationary bike, do yoga and dance around the house.

There are days when my mind/emotions/ego are so troubled that I cannot effectively process what I am feeling. I am too distracted to sit still. Movement and total focus helps me break through this barrier. After I have expended some of this nervous energy I am more receptive to sitting quietly for a meditation or a Reiki Treatment. I am in "the Flow" and my troubled mind is eased. I seem to know my way a bit clearer. My life force begins to flow more evenly. The stuck places become unstuck.

Every second I spend in "The Flow" is healing and uplifting to my mind, body and spirit. I am there now and it feels great. Are all my life issues solved? No...however my troubled mind is eased, my heart is open and my life force is circulating well. I have faith that everything I need will come in the best time for the greatest good.

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