Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wisdom is Acquired Through Life Challenges

Wisdom is knowledge that is utilized. Knowledge is utilized the most for the many challenges life presents. I remind myself of this frequently. It helps me remain thankful despite the difficulties I face.

Since the lights came back on in my neck of the woods, I feel like I hit the ground running. I can't keep up with the demands of life right now. And so, I decided today to take a deep breath, present my awareness into the present. So what that our (expensive) push weed eater is broke down and it will cost more to fix than to replace. There are still piles of limbs laying around my yard from the storms and the tree disaster. The grass in my huge yard is getting taller and taller because it has been raining almost everyday. I have water standing in my garage from the torrential downpours.

My house is dirty and my job is every exacting as well as time consuming right now.

Ok...I am thankful for all the conditions behind the things that present as problems. I am thankful for my beautiful yard, thankful the downed trees have already been cut and stacked, ready for burning. I am thankful my home was spared from damage. I am thankful I even have a weed eater and a garage. I am thankful for the rain because many parts of the US are suffering through a terrible drought.

I am thankful for my work right now. I only have one patient and I am able to give her my full attention. She is benefiting from my many years of experience as a nurse.

Things pile up sometimes. Problem after problem seem to flow from every direction. It is up to me to decide if I will allow it to overwhelm me or I will put myself in "The Flow" and give myself a chance to breath. Will I freak out or just take one step at a time.'s a no brainer for me. I hate freaking out. It is draining and tiring. Nothing gets done any faster or effectively. Nothing is life threatening. And nothing collapses my energy centers like self induced anxiety. Not everything has a deadline in which to work itself out.

Wisdom acquired from past life challenges directs me to quiet the mind chatter by circulating my life force, opening my hear center, pull my awareness to the present and be thankful for my blessings. Things will get done in their own time. My heart is the seat of "The Flow" and it will help me prioritize all the problems appropriately.

In retrospect I can see that life challenges are good for me. I utilize knowledge which transforms into wisdom. I use the wisdom I acquired to help me utilize more knowledge and gain more wisdom. It goes on and on.

I have the opportunity to gain a lot of wisdom while I am in this physical plane because there is no shortage of life challenges. That's for sure.

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