Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Heart That Burns

The Heart can swell with ecstasy and dive to the depths of sorrow. It can be the seat of balance and peace.  It is  the intersection of perceptual life as well as the unseen.

All parts of the being intersect there...the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  It is the underlying flow and rhythm of life on many levels.

As the blood flows through the chambers, life force travels through its own unique channels.

The conscious mind is focused on this physical and material plane, the ego, emotion and personality are connected strongly with the conscious mind.

The Deep Being within; which has been with us for all our life spans, becomes overshadowed by the facade of the conscious mind focus.

The Deep Being is the part of us that communicates with The Source of All...and has knowledge and wisdom that our conscious mind lacks.

It speaks to our conscious self through vibrational patterns...that are sometimes not discerned.

Thus the Heart translates this for us...often leading us down strange roads...for reasons are intellect cannot fathom.  Yet there is the resonance of correct action that is beyond understanding.

The Heart wants what it wants...and sometimes appears to be at odds with what "common sense" tells us is correct.

However, the Heart burns with a fervor to tell us the obscure turns and passages that will transport us to the State we were meant to be.

It will lead us to know ourselves.more deeply,  beyond the facades of emotion/personality and ego.

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