Sunday, September 2, 2012

Utilizing Dissatisfaction as a Tool

It has become apparent to me that dissatisfaction is a sign that something is amiss and needs to be addressed.  I believe dissatisfaction needs to  be utilized as a tool, not something to override or try to erase. Dissatisfaction is a call to change something or bring some more of my being out.

I have noticed that more and more the Natural World has become my ideal muse. All questions of this plane come from the Natural World and all are answered there. The question of what is my purpose is answered by the bee flying across the lawn. The same answer applies to why do I feel restless, annoyed, and sad.

It's all part of a natural flow that follows cycles...Like Nature...Nature rules this plane. We are not in control..but merely a part of the natural world. The natural world can go on easily without humans but humans cannot go on without the natural world.

Our lives are a flow and cyclic product of the natural world. And I ask it, “What should I be doing with my life?” The seed of Being is within me and only partially germinated.  It is  not growing to full potential. It requires more nutrients.   To do this requires that I open myself up more fully.

Any dissatisfaction I sense inside me is my inability to open myself fully to my fullest potential. How would this be accomplished? To just quiet the brain, open the mind of my heart  and flow?  Like birds and bees and ants, follow my own inner radar?   Like the trees and the grass to just grow as I am meant to, seeking the water and light.

The symbology  may be wasteful. My thoughts are, for the most part, wasteful. I know this but do not understand how to stop them.   If for one day I relied totally on my inner radar and inner knowing what would happen? Where would it take me?? Do I have the courage to do this? What if for one day I was totally my Inner Being. What would matter? What would not?

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