Sunday, November 24, 2013

Beautiful Mystery

On the way back from visiting friends in Virginia; my husband and I stopped at a rest area to let our puppy stretch and potty.  While we were there I was standing by the fence that marked the end of the rest stop.  There was a valley and then another ridge.  On the next ridge I spotted this strange but beautiful structure.  I found my camera and snapped a couple of pictures of it.

I have no idea what this building is.  I have even searched on maps and google earth.  I have asked people.  No one knows.  At least, no one I have come across.  So for now it is my "Beautiful Mystery".   I catch myself thinking of it often.  It appears to coax a of stream of thought from my subconscious.

I know in time I will find out what this structure is.  But until then I will keep searching for and pondering this amazing puzzle.  For now it is my mystical muse.

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