Saturday, December 7, 2013

Holiday Season

I love the holiday season; however, it makes me sad and anxious.  I have been working through this for the last 5 years.  It is improving but I am not there yet.

One of the things I do is to consciously fix my focus on things I enjoy.  Not what I am supposed to like or  what everyone else seems to like.  I also give myself Reiki every morning and evening while reminding myself to not make false priorities for myself based on what I am preconditioned to believe is necessary for Christmas.

This particular season is what I choose to make of it and the celebration of it is up to me.  I have promised myself that whatever I choose to do,  I will not feel inadequate, rushed, in a panic or frustrated.  I will find something to enjoy, relish and be thankful for every day.

These things have truly made a difference in how I react and respond to the time between Thanksgiving and New Year's.

It is snowy and cold out today.  I bundled up and took my puppy for a walk.  I thoroughly enjoyed the way the trees and ground are holding the snow.  It look like a wonderland to me.  My little creek is swollen and rushing down the mountain with a sound that is like music to my ears and my soul.

While brewing  my favorite coffee, I began  reading articles on one of my favorite subjects;  I found a really good one by Pamela Miles.  She is a Reiki Teacher and has a great blog.  This article in particular really touched something inside me.

I want to share the link for this article.  Here it is:  "Breathing in Reiki"   I hope it blesses your thoughts and your day as it did mine.

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