Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fire on the Mountain

There have been so many thunderstorms lately. The air becomes so heavy, laden with the portends of pounding thunder and flashing lightening to come.

When it appears there is so much turmoil with crashing thunder and jaggedly aggressive spears of lightening of all colors. I can feel it infusing my aura with a wild ancient calling that cleanses and elevates.

After the tumultuous clashing of the thunder and lightening, there is a calm and stillness. The air feels fresh and cleansed.

My "Inner Guidance" begins pointing to how this follows through in human life. There is a build up of emotions, events or situations...the emotional environment becomes laden and sometimes overwhelmed. If we can just hold on, the chaos itself will strike like lightening and roar like thunder. Spilling everything into the place it needs to be. Recharging us with vibrancy and purpose. If we can just stand back and get out of our own way..there is a natural order to things..a cycle. We don't need to hasten it or fix it by blowing up in anger, frustration and fear.

It's best to wait for "Fire on the Mountain".

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