Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sometimes Anger is Good Medicine

First of all, I am not angry at anything or anyone. I just feel anger rising out of me. It is not snapping, popping and crackling inside me like Rice Krispies shooting out of me. It is a pretty steady flow. I first noticed it when I realized I was getting impatient doing my usual evening routines. Then the mental sarcasm begins. Then it hit me..I am angry.

It's funny when I don't grab on to issues, people or things to explain or blame it on, anger isn't so bad. It's clean, fast and burns inner crap and nonsense to the ground. What I am left is an underlying sense of possibilities that were obscured by my pattern of "I have to, I should do, I must do, That needs to be done, I didn't get that done, That will never get done,"

The flow of anger I am sensing at this time says,"Screw all of that nonsense and sooo what! There are more important things for us to think about, more exciting projects and adventures to focus on. Forget all that little stuff, throw it out and see what is left. Focus on the moment, damn it!" Interesting.

I can see now that anger has a place. It kind of works on the same wave length as chaos. It brings things down to a naturally occurring and being level. Anger is not painful (if you don't drag a bunch of stupid issues to connect it to.) Anger is helping me see my direction clearer. Anger cuts to the chase on important things. It clears out inner clutter in a few hours, clutter that normally would take days and weeks to clear out. It overrides my anxieties and fears and shuts up the insolence and pettiness of my ego. Like thunder and lightening that clears the air. No tantrum, no drama..just a strong, steady flow of heated angry energy processing through me.

I am not sure what I will find out after the storm subsides but I am pleased to learn that sometimes anger is good medicine.

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