Sunday, October 21, 2012

Beautiful Memories of Magical Moments

Afternoon sun in late fall and the chilled breezes pulls my mind to cherished Magical Moments.

 The rays of sun pouring through the  window with soft meditation music in the background.  Sitting with friends at a table loaded with candles, the aroma of incense in the air around us.  Tarot cards, pendulums and crystals strewn across the table.

Deep conversations about the secrets of life.  The soothing and satisfying atmosphere created by giving each other Reiki or other energy healings.  The afternoon seems endless and we are transported to a place that does not mark time.  We are so into the experience of merging our energies and engaging each other in deep heart to heart conversations and our experiences.  The "outside" world and all the concerns that go along with it are miles away.  We are suspended in a magnificent cocoon where time has no meaning and we are feeling  our own magic.  It is profound.  

I miss this and yearn for an opportunity to be with them again.   It lives powerfully  in my mind and my memories.  
I hold these sisters of my heart very deeply  inside me.  I can close my eyes and transport myself back to that time , the imprint of it was so significant and powerful in my life.  It was the first time I express something very vital to me, my secret self.  Without fear of shock, reprisal and disapproval.  Just acceptance.  It led me to want to know this part of myself even more in a deeper way.  It helped me keep sight of my most meaningful path, no matter what happened to me along the way.  I am so grateful.

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