Sunday, October 21, 2012

Root of the Matter, Past lives and Other Issues

The clearing and cleansing the energy centers of my body has led me to the focus and further study on the root chakra.  This is an area that I have only given peripheral attention to.  My main focus was on the upper energy centers, mainly the heart center.

As I contemplate the energy centers in a deeper way, I realize that all of them are very important for the health and well being of all of my "bodies".  The root is no less valuable.  My work with processing emotion, working with my ego/emotions and letting go of repressed pass issues that keep roiling up from inside of me has proven this time and time again.  So this is where I place my attention now.  The root chakra.

I wonder sometimes if my root chakra does not hold some of my old "scrabbling for security" patterns.  I realize  grappling around frantically  to set up things externally to ensure I feel "secure" is futile.  And now in realizing that true security comes from within not external circumstances, I am working with my root to "uproot" those old patterns.

The thing about setting up external factors to ensure security is impossible because anything can upset my sense of security.  I have no control of external issues.  I do have some control in how I perceive issues, situations and events.

How I perceive "security" lies in my root chakra.  As I continue my observations into my own reflexive emotional patterns, I can "see" how my root is involved.

This is a remarkable cycle I am going through right now.  I can sense my own shifting.  It is unsettling emotionally and physically but the subtle yet persistent sense of correctness grows within me.

I am having flashes of scenes and events.  Some while I am sleeping and some while I am awake.  I have never really delved into my past lives but I believe I am seeing some of them.  Maybe cycles of them that are pertinent to where I am right now.

My life force energy is much stronger now.  The force of it running through me is palpable.

So much is happening because I made a decision that I no longer wanted to react reflexively to every situation and event.  I made my desire known that I no longer wanted to shape my life and personality around the stories I adopt to define me.  I want to be free of that.  Free to be.

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