Friday, October 19, 2012

Continued Observations about Situations Becoming Internalized Personal and Emotional Issues

Days have gone by and I continue to observe as honestly and objectively as possible how I handle the myriad of situations that arise in life.  My curiosity is really stirred up by this.  A thread I want to keep following.

With the help of "My Inner Guidance" I have devised a rough outline of questions to ask myself when I find myself tangled personally and emotionally into another situation.

Now I realize that some situations are unavoidably going to be personally emotional .  But many I can see are not necessary nor does it help the situation at all.  But for the most part, I believe this reflexive pattern can be changed.  In fact, in just a few days I have noticed that by just being aware and mindful of my inclination to do this, has caused a great reduction of this proclivity.

A new level of calmness has spread through me.  It comes from a place I don't recognize yet.  My meditations have changed somewhat.   My approach appears to me to be less needful and my life force less scattered.

I will continue to observe with awareness and curiosity.  Something strong  is stirring inside of me that I haven't felt before.  It is  subtle but burgeoning.  Gentle yet stabilizing.

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