Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dark Place with Light

I changed the background to my blog because I needed a dark background with light text. I am not sure why. It is something I am feeling now. Sometimes I need to meditate in the dark with only one candle burning. I believe it to be the same premise.

I love bright colors and I love meditating during the day with bright sunlight streaming through the windows. But there are occasions when my inner self signals a need to contemplate in the dark. I seem to go deeper and I have a more focused observation on the light source.

If this makes no sense, it's ok. I have found over the years, there are things that I "know" from a place deep inside me but I do not understand why or how. I know, so I do it when I sense the need. It reminds me again of a phrase My Guidance gave me when I first became aware of them years and years ago. "Be without a facade, Do without doing and Know without understanding why".

Now, for years that made no sense to me whatsoever. But I am beginning to see and know what it means. Do I "understand" it? No..but I don't need to..I know and that comes from my Source.

I meditate in the darkness with one candle and it penetrates something inside me..getting through when I could not before. And it helps me sift through the rubble and process things more efficiently.

This is needed now. I don't understand why but I just know it is.

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