Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sorting through the rubble

I have discovered that when I am presented with an emotionally painful challenge; it seems to trigger a disturbance inside me from similar issues from the past. Issues that I obviously have not worked through. Such is the case at this time.

For the past year, I have dedicated myself to inner healing. Processing buried and repressed feelings have been an integral part of my healing process.

Right now I am a bit subdued. Troubled and kind of disconnected. The good thing is I know what to do. And I have begun. The usual..circulating my aura, legitimizing the fact that something is bothering me and processing it. I don't have to know exactly what the issue is or analyze what started it..just allow myself to feel what I feel.

I set aside time to sit quietly in my favorite chair by the fireplace. Playing music that I like, light my incense and candles and prepare the room as if I were going to do a Reiki treatment or meditate. Then I circulate my aura and connect with my "Guidance" and "The Source of All". While I am meditating on allowing the feelings to come through me, I also give myself Reiki for support.

It is not necessary to do all of this but when I make a ritual of it, it gives me a sense of working with myself towards further healing. Preparing my environment seems to communicate through out me that I am working with a purpose, instead of being swept away by my emotions.

Another thing I have discovered is that when I set aside time and space to process this, I always find something interesting buried under the rubble and mess inside me. So it is time to sort through the rubble and see what I find.

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