Saturday, November 26, 2011


It is the end of a busy day at home. And I am doing much better today. I was so unfocused I could not even meditate so I just spent time circulating the energy of my aura and concentrating on my breathing throughout the day. I went outside because it was so beautiful out and fairly warm. I cleared some brush and worked up a sweat.

It felt good..kind of warming my insides and helping the circulation of my energy. I puttered inside doing a lot of little things. I am amazed at how much I can get done while doing a few little things here and there.

I am tired now but my insides, my emotions and my energy feels much much better. I am not sure if I was experiencing a delayed reaction to that sad and confusing trip to Philadelphia or maybe responding to a major environmental energy shift.

It doesn't matter. I stopped resisting the discomfort I felt, occupied myself with meaningful tasks and raised the vibrational energy of my body and my environment. It's amazing how much more promising life appears when I am circulating and connected with myself.

The new lesson from my Guidance that goes along with the State of Acceptance is Adaptability

I don't fully understand the mechanism of it yet but I know. The understanding will come later.

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