Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Taking care of painful business

I found out what the anxiety was about on November 3. I was called away on that exact day to take care of some very painful and sorrowful business for someone I admire, respect and love a lot.

I have been in Philadelphia since November 3rd. I am in Virginia now and will be returning home to West Virginia tomorrow. My partner and I have added to our little animal family. A cat belonging to my dear friend in Philadelphia. A cherished friend who is actively dying.

She is not only someone I hold dear and close to my heart, she is also my partner's mother. A sad and confusing process it is to help someone sort things out in order for them to die well. A horrifically painful process to lose a mother.

It was so hard to leave her but everything is in place for her to peacefully and comfortably come to the end of life in this plane. I am not sure we will be able to return to her in time for her actual passing. But for now we have done everything we could possibly do to ensure her comfort and sense of security during this phase of her life.

We left her in good hands. A wonderful Hospice House outside of Philadelphia. We moved her from the hospital to the Hospice house 5 days ago and her horrible pain and nausea are under control. She is very sleepy but no pain and no nausea. She is surrounded by the things from home that she loves that we could fit in her room.

I could write and talk all day about the wonderful ways of Hospice but another time. Working out the circumstances to allow her to be cared for there was emotionally, physically and mentally draining. We are exhausted.

One thing you can be sure of; I used every tool my Guidance has given me to get through the last ten days. And it helped us both more than I would have ever believed.

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