Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Another Strange and Unexplained Episode

It is the third day of the New Year. It has been cold and snowy here the last couple of days. Yesterday I went for a walk with my doggy in the snow up my "holler". When we started the sun was shining and snow was falling gently and slowly. The ground was covered and it was beautiful..cold but lovely. As I crossed the bridge and turned to follow the creek. I noticed the creek was running pretty fast but I could not hear it.

As I made my way further up to the first big sink hole. The weather changed suddenly. I heard a howling coming down the hollow, the wind picked up, the sky darkened and visibility was almost nonexistant. The howling of the wind got louder. I stood there amazed at the abrupt change. As I was watching the snow..the corner of my eye caught movement. I saw a figure moving from the old building to the right up further in the hollow. It went across the field, over the creek and started up the hill and then disappeared.

At first I was confused. Who would be in my old building. It is one of the last buildings left from the old farm my great grandfather built. And my dog didn't react, she just stood and watched. The figure was a person and not an animal. Even though the visibility was bad, I could still see that much. It looked like a tall man slightly bent forward in the wind. He had on ,what looked to be, a long gray coat kind of flapping in the wind. He had a wide brimmed hat on. I walked up to the old out building after he disappeared and there were no footsteps in the snow. I can't imagine they would be covered up that fast. Mine weren't.

Today was very cold and I admit I only went outside a couple of times to take the trash out and to take my dog out potty. I puttered inside today. I spent the better part of the late morning and early afternoon cooking. I wanted to be sure and have a nice dinner for my partner. Who would, once again, be braving the weather to guard mining equipment on top of Coal Mountain.

Last night he had a flat tire and had to change it during the snow storm. How miserable is that. He hasn't had a day off for 2 weeks and is working 13-16 hours every night. I worry about him but he likes it and he likes having me at home. Homemaking is an art I have not practiced for many many years but I find I am liking it.

Which brings me to the strange episode. No, it's not what I saw yesterday. That kind of stuff happens from time to time. After I ascertain it isn't a living person..I think it's kind of cool..ask that if it is a trapped spirit..that my Guides help it move on to the next level.

I noticed this afternoon, while pulling the roast and potatoes out of the oven, I felt a heaviness inside me..a sorrowful, depressive heaviness that was lodged between my second chakra and my solar plexus. I haven't had this sensation for a long time..but it was there. I ignored it and went on with what I was doing. As the afternoon wore on, it got stronger and stronger. I could literally feel it condensing inside me and moving slowly upward.

By the time my partner had to leave for work, I was fighting tears and my heart was aching like it was broken. I was ultra sensitive, defensive and snippish. I realized what was happening and got a hold of myself. After he left, the tears started. The heaviness was stuck between my tummy and my heart. It felt awful. I lit the fire in the fireplace..lit a few candles and got in my favorite chair and cried my eyes out. I tried to observe this feeling without resisting. I could sense the presence of my Guides and the heaviness began moving upward.

I have no idea what I was crying over or what caused this sorrow ridden pain inside me. I just sat with it, concentrated on my breathing and between sobs talked to my Guides and The Source about how much better my life is now, how much happier I am, and how I could not figure out what was causing such an uproar inside me. The feeling I got from my Guides was to sit quietly, concentrate on my breathing and let it happen. And I did. I sat like that for almost an hour and it was gone. Waves of relief started moving up through me. It was like someone had reached in and removed a large rock sitting inside me.

I have no idea what happened or why. But something did. I guess I will see in time. But I am back to my "normal" self. A little bewildered, subdued but grateful for whatever The Source and my Guides did.

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