Saturday, March 24, 2012

She arrived to her new home safely

My little girl is safely ensconced in her new home. Launched into her new life.

I am kind of a mess. It doesn't matter how much I think I prepared myself for this. For crying out loud, it is not the first time she went to the UK. And she was younger then. I was a mess then, too. So I thought I was totally ready for this departure. No, I am not doing so well with it right now.

However, I know I will be fine. I know what to do..I know what is happening to me, thanks to years of working with my "Inner Guidance". I have trust and faith that I will work through this.

I have suspended meaningful and productive tasks around my house for a couple of days. And I am thankful I am in a place in my life to have that luxury. I have immersed myself in meditation, old movies and a new book while I allow myself to process this.

Like a bad cold, these painful feelings will run their course. I will be fine.

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