Monday, September 19, 2011

My plants are strong and healthy but did not produce a lot of fruit

I put in a small garden this year, as I probably mentioned a hundred times on this blog. I am a real amateur but I did pretty well. I watered the plants and kept the weeds back. I gave Reiki to my plants everyday. I enjoyed watching them grow.

And grow they did. But they were a little slow in producing. My peppers were tiny, my cucumbers came in and were good but there were not many of them. My tomatoes were really late but when they came they were very round, large and green. I finally had to pluck them from their vines. I don't know if they will ripen or not.

I was thanking the Elements and The Source for helping me grow this little garden. It gave me great pleasure. And I got these words, "Your plants were strong and healthy but did not produce abundant fruit. The next planting will reveal what was missing because it will be time for you to know."

Ok? Sooo, what does that mean?

I took it to mean I am on the right track and I am getting the hang of living a different way with different goals that fit my life right now. But I have a ways to go before I fully realize my place, my purpose and become truly fruitful. The roots of my life are producing healthy plants and the fruit will come as I grow into it.

I produced some beautiful petite cucumbers and large green tomatoes. That is just a start of my journey. But I am grateful for how far I have come, progressed and grown. I am looking forward to being truly and abundantly fruitful.

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