Saturday, September 17, 2011

Reiki for my pets, Karuna® or Usui?

I give Reiki at home a lot. To my mate, my land, myself, the trees and plants and animals etc... I give my two cats and my dog Reiki daily. It is interesting to see their reactions and how they receive it.

With the cats, Missy and Sabrina, I noticed early on that they liked Reiki but not hands on. They like to be near my hands or in the space I am giving it. My dog, Evie, on the other hand, loves hands on Reiki. At times when we are sitting together; she will push the area she wishes to be treated against me.

My cats don't react any differently to Usui or Karuna®. My dog definitely does. When I am giving her Usui Reiki, she just totally relaxes. Stretching or leaning on me. And if I would sit there for hours giving it, she would stay there too. When I give her Karuna® she leans in for a few minutes and then starts to get fidgety. If I give it to her without my hands on, she is still fidgety. She doesn't run away or act uncomfortable. She just keeps moving her body around.

So I switch frequently. Sometimes I have the feeling she would benefit from Karuna®, so I give it for a couple of minutes and then switch to Usui. I switch again to Karuna® for a few minutes with my hands above her body and then back to Usui.

Today when I changed back to Usui, my dog stretched out, let out a satisfied sigh and closed her eyes. Interesting.

I asked my partner if he noticed a difference between the Karuna® and Usui. He told me that Karuna® felt tingly and invigorating. It woke him up if he was feeling sluggish or tired. Usui he liked because it was so relaxing and helped him sleep. Hmmmm..

When I give Reiki to myself I notice slight and subtle differences but nothing major. I like both. Sometimes I feel Karuna® reaches a little deeper with more intensity in a shorter time frame. Usui is gentle and warm. It reaches just as deep but in a softer way.

I will continue to observe this just for my own experience base. I am so thankful for Reiki in general. Usui, Karuna® or any type. I am thinking the next kind I would like to take is Rainbow Reiki. But first things first. I have other Holistic Healing projects and classes in the works. Then I will see.

I will wait for my "Inner Guidance" to direct me. Until then I will be giving Reiki to everyone and everything in my environment.

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