Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Beautiful Sunday Morning

I have freed a big part of my day for this beautiful Sunday. I have mowed my huge lawn..(more like three fields.), cleaned the main part of the house, done the laundry, cooked all week long. I enjoyed doing all these things because it was in my own time. I was not rushed or exhausted from my outside job. I am still reeling from the idea of having every weekend off. After a year and a half it is still a novelty.

Especially on days like today. I have the opportunity to do just about anything I want to do. Well, within reason. Because even though I have more time to do the things I love, I have way less money. I don't mind because we have enough to meet our needs and we,my partner and I, are enjoying the rewards of a simpler and less hectic life.

I had made plans for today with a friend but she had a domestic disaster involving a water pipe at her house and was not able to go. I feel bad for her. I cringe at how many times Life has handed me something like that to deal with. “Shudder”

When I lived in Virginia, the rare times that I actually had a day off and was not too exhausted to go somewhere; I would meet my friends for dinner or we would get together at one of our houses. I always enjoyed this immensely. And, of course, I miss it.

I am having my coffee and deciding where I will go today. I feel like exploring a bit. There are so many places I haven't seen in my area as of yet. Many things I have not found. One thing I am still looking for is the used book store. I love used book stores. Even though I have a kindle and am joined at the hip with; I still have a passion for these wondrous places.

I do know where the Starbucks is one of the first places I found. I may drive down New River and take some pictures.
I could stay home and just meditate and write. Or take a blanket and my kindle and wonder up my little hollow.

Whatever I decide to do will not include cooking and cleaning today. That's all I know for sure at this point.

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