Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Deep in the Dogwood Winter

It is cold this morning. The temperature is in the middle 20's. It is hard to imagine that just a couple of weeks ago it was in the 70's and 80's. I actually got a sunburn while out puttering around up my holler.

It appeared that the mild winter was over and we were going to skip spring and head right in to summer. The trees were budding and the grass started to grow a month earlier than last year.

Then one day I noticed the sunlight appeared different. The air held a subtle but persistent chill. The temperatures began dipping down again..and not going up during the day past 40 or 50. The ground is covered in a white film of frost every morning.

I had the television on Easter night and the weatherman called this change in weather, "Dogwood Winter".

I like the sound of that. And I don't mind the drop in temperatures. It is reassuring somehow. In a way I cannot describe.

Dogwood Winter seems appropriate. It kind of coincides with some phenomena I am experiencing right now. I am sensing the presence of my "Guidance" externally as well as internally. It happens at different times but mostly in the evening when I am alone.

I am still focused on the word "economy" and I have a sense that it is not about any kind of material thing. It is linked to my internal life, how I process things. How manifestation of my own personal reality comes about. It has to do with flow..flowing inside like water.

There is more to this but it is still in the process of unfolding to my conscious mind.

I can tell that whatever it is I am being shown or led to remember or taught is very important. I don't sense an urgency but a consistent sense of the external presence of "My Guidance". My own internal energy pattern has stepped up in vibratory level. Sometimes to the point of being uncomfortable. I have noticed over the years, especially as I get older, the energy patterns become so intense at times that it makes my body ache. Especially weakened areas (from years of being on my feet hours and hours a day) like my back and knees. Also a sense of physical fatigue. I have to ground myself a lot and self treat myself with Reiki. These cycles usually last a couple of weeks. Such is the stepped up telecommunication with my Guidance. And it's all good.

I know it doesn't sound so good. It's hard to describe something like this. But it is so beneficial and I welcome it. I will receive more gifts of "sparks of insight and streams of wisdom". I am so thankful!!!

I am constantly processing and circulating my aura through my energy centers and my body. My sleep at night is deep and very vivid dreams that I can only remember flashes of the next morning. My attention is pulled inward and I have a feeling of deep reverence for whatever is occurring. My ego and emotions stop chattering in the background (for once).

I am deep in the Dogwood Winter.

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  1. Our weather is fluctuating all over the place here LOL we will have gorgeous Spring days, then out of nowhere, snow! But I'm loving it. The longer the Summer heat is held at bay, the better LOL


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