Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wandering Back Toward the Tarot

I have worked with Tarot cards for many years. I started with regular playing cards when I was very young, quite by accident. I received my first set of Tarot cards when I was in my early thirties as a gift. I am ashamed to say that I never really paid much attention to the books. I would just shuffle, cut, ask the question for whoever I was doing them for and lay out the ones that my hands felt a vibration for.

Reading them was just as haphazard. I would just state the blips and blurbs that came to me. Much like I did with regular playing cards. I mean I was clear on what I got but it was not in any real order. It was in the moment of the flow. I lacked eloquence and structure. The rich imagery of each card would just speak to me. Or not sometimes.

About two years ago I found my interest in my cards waning. By now I had about 10 decks..two Rider Waite and the rest were varied types. My friends and I even made a set. I am the keeper of them and they are very interesting. I packed them all up carefully when I had the feeling to let them go for a while. I moved them all here with me to West Virginia but had not used them very much.

About two weeks ago I walked by one of my "altars" and something held my attention. (they are positioned in various parts of my house). This particular altar was in my bedroom and as
I gazed at the items arranged there my attention was pulled to the small black velvet bag that I keep my small deck of Rider Waites. I placed my hand on them and I felt that deep sense of pulling that lets me know I need to pay attention to what I was perceiving.

I took them with me and brought them out of their little bag. I started to shuffle them and I knew I was supposed to start working with them again. However, not yet because when I laid them down to try a reading I got nothing. When I just held and shuffled them I felt the stream of knowing that lets me know I am on the right track but not yet. If that makes sense.

After that I seemed compelled to carry them from room to room. Taking them out at odd times. Then on Sunday night a friend of mine who is desperately fighting cancer asked me to do a reading for her. I first started to tell her I was not able but my Guidance wanted me to. And so I did. The reading was the way I have always done them but thankfully the meanings came to me..clearly. It helped her but I still could feel there was more that I could do with the make my readings (when I felt called to do them) more concise and less bluntly blurted out.

Monday night I was looking at my email and I found one from my favorite Social Network, "Enchanted Forest" and saw an invitation to attend an online "Tarot Class by Hermotimus" It was for Tuesday at 9pm EST. I know I have seen these announcements before but for some reason it didn't register and I rarely was available to get online to attend. But this time I felt the push so I did last night.

It was amazing. All the years I have been doing Tarot and ten minutes in the class I knew I was less than an amateur. Hermotimus was very concise, easy to follow even though he gave out so much information. He was patient and very thorough. I can't wait for the next class. Until then I am reading everything on his webpage on Enchanted Forest. It's like a straight up text book on the Tarot. It has great ideas for form and structure. Which is what I need.

It is cold and rainy today here in my little hollow in West Virginia. I will clean a bit but I am going to work with my Rider Waite deck and start using some of the tips I learned from reading his site and the "notes" I took from last night's class.

I recommend this class to anyone who has interest in the Tarot. Whether you are a beginner or fairly experienced. We all have our own way to read them but it's good to get other perspectives sometimes. I think it is great that someone so knowledgeable and so talented would give their time to teach this. Thanks Hermotimus!

here is how to get to the page for Hermotimus on "Enchanted Forest" It is a good and informative read: ""

Then go to groups. Click on "Learning Tarot and Sharing Group"

Now if you want a good spiritually intuitive Tarot card reading, I suggest RavenNightsong. She has done a couple of amazing readings for me. And I am really picky about asking anyone to do a reading for me. You can find her on facebook:"

Sorry, my link thingie is NOT working today for some reason. And I am a bit computer impaired at times. *sigh*

Anyway you can also find RavenNightsong on Justin TV on Tuesday nights...about 5pm EST:


She is very down to earth, humorous, knowledgeable and following her own authentic spiritual path. I am never home at the times she is on Justin TV but I watch other video blogs by her and it is both interesting and entertaining. Spiritual and Humorous with a little itsy dark side. I LOVE it!!!! I have met her several times. She lives about an hour from me. And I can tell you she lives her own unique Spiritual Path. She is for real.

Ok that's it for today. I kind of imagined that I would write about something else but this took precedence out of nowhere. It is meant to be and So it is.

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  1. YOU are so precious and very much loved, my friend! (((hugs)))

    I have been gravitating back toward my Rider Waite deck as well. I'm not sure why yet but I am loving the familiarity of the deck.

    I will check out the class on The Enchanted Forest as well. :)


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