Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The beginnings of April and other Ramblings

I went to a Moody Blues concert this past Saturday night. March 31st, to be exact. I went with someone who is more of a sister than just a best friend. She brought her oldest grandson with her. We had a great time.

Part of it was the concert. I mean I was in my teens when Moody Blues first came out. I distinctly remember laying on my bed, burning strawberry incense and listening to "Knights in White Satin", wondering what would I be doing in 20 years, 30? It never occurred to me to think about what I would be doing 40 years later..And here I am..40 years later.

It makes me want to shout to that girl laying on the bed and day dreaming about what she would be doing in the future. I want to say,"Hey, look at us..we made it this far."

The other part that made this little trip so enjoyable was just being with my good friend. I miss her really bad. In fact that has been the only downside to my exodus from Virginia to West Virginia. I had to leave my two best friends/sisters behind.

So Saturday I got to enjoy her cute grandson (I have none yet) with my beloved friend and just talk about everything and anything for hours. Well into the night after the concert. The next morning we hugged each other and went opposite directions.

A very nice weekend.

I realized something on my drive home. All my life I have been blessed with being able to make friends easily.

But since I moved..I haven't. I think I am just too odd for the area I am in.
Don't get me wrong, I have not only enjoyed but needed the alone time..but sometimes I miss other people.

I met a couple of people that I really thought were interesting..I attempted to make a connection that could lead to friendship later on..but I gave up from lack of response and apparent disinterest.

I mean, I wish them well and send them on their way. People are drawn to who they are drawn to. It's not their is just a time for me to be alone I suppose. And I have faith that the people that are meant to will show up.

I am still pondering "economy"

The only thing that has come through clearly about "economy" is that it is connected with emotions. At least the part of economy my Inner Guidance is introducing to me.

It is the first week of April. I am inspired by the green luscious growth. The energy surrounding me is strong. Sometimes so strong it feels heavy. I have to circulate a lot.

In fact, I sense a big energy shift. Like a new intensity and vibratory level. I will ponder this. It has two noticeable is a sense of anxiety..the other is a sense of malaise. My Inner Guidance helped me recognize the changes. I was able to begin processing more efficiently. And it helped.

As usual I am outwardly a bit chaotic, scattered, kind of anxious..but fortunately for me and because of my Inner Guidance..I am busily processing inside me...My energy is calm..I am circulating my aura, taking deep breaths, focusing on the Now.

I had an interesting response about the energy shifts I notice sometimes that cause discomfort. A kind lady commented on an earlier post where I was describing something similar. She suggested it was a "Mercury Retrograde"

I know nothing about astrology. I love it..and I believe in the information it's just not my path of divination for some reason. Anyway I have been reading up on it.

Sounds like something that could exacerbate an energy shift....hmmmm..

Thank you, Lady Mimosa, for mentioning this.

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