Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Moving Along

Once again, I am so thankful for the things my Guidance has shown me over the years for coping and working through things. They work..amazingly well.

Things are not all "fixed" or resolved but I am in the flow. Yesterday I made the decision to get a hold of myself and focus on the step by step process to clear my thinking and process the anxiety and it worked. I was able to take necessary steps and actually the whole thing became more manageable.

My partner calmed down because I did. He went on to do what he needed to do..(go to work)..I took actions to explore the issue and that little problem..(and yes that big insurmountable issue actually ended up being an easily solved little problem) was solved today. Amazing!

We almost made ourselves sick in anticipation of what we "thought" would happen. Today, before he went to work, my partner and I were actually laughing over what a huge deal we made over it at first. Then we just went ahead and did what we needed to do..and that particular dilemma is behind us. Oh there is more..but it's a step by step process.

I told him that I was hopeful that this taught us a really important lesson. Not to anticipate that everything is a big ax hanging over our head ready to chop our life into pieces. I am really beginning to see how dilemmas in our physical/emotional lives actually can expand and teach us vital and valuable lessons that actually enhance us on all levels.

Times like these push us out of any ruts, comfort zones, false sense of security we may be too nestled in.

Well, right now I have a list of things waiting to push us past any kind of rut or comfort zone. It's not easy but in the long run, it's a good thing. And I am thankful!

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