Saturday, October 15, 2011

Changes in the Plants and Trees

This last spring, I became so enthralled with watching the plants and trees grow, change from a dull brown or gray and burst into lush, bold colors. I watched them grow and go through their cycles. The smell of them and the way they interacted with the air was fascinating. As summer moved along the plants and trees continued to grow lusher and more aromatic. Each cycle changing their shapes and focus of their life spans.

Now is an equally fascinating time. The shift from summer to fall. I feel it everywhere. In the air,the smells, the way the sun shines and of course the changes in the plants and trees. The energies that are needed for this part of the cycle affect everything including me. The colors of the trees are breathtaking. Many of my trees are almost bare now. But for a week or so they looked like something out of a Disney movie.

The plants are changing again. They appear to be receding into themselves. Many are dropping seedlings everywhere.

Do we parallel the shifts of plants and trees? Or are we affected by the same energies that pronounce the changes of the season?

I can't put into words how fall affects me. I have always thought of autumn as my favorite season. Is it the season or the energies that circulate during this cycle?


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