Saturday, October 15, 2011

Clearing Up Space

Since Thursday (today is Saturday), I have been in a focused endeavor to clear up the spare bedroom and closet. It had the beginnings of a storage room. It wasn't unusable or hard to walk in or even cluttered in appearance. But for some reason Thursday night I got this incredible urge to clean it out. And so I did. At one point I had to stop and meditate because I was feeling a little overwhelmed and indecisive about what I wanted and was trying to do.

That was my last blog and since that meditation/dream, I made amazing progress. The closet is now full but organized, clean and I know everything that is in there. My wee spare bedroom looks quaintly pleasant and inviting.

I worked on the room until about 2pm this afternoon. I stopped to help my partner prepare for his incredibly long shift. Then I got some of the dust and cleaning grime showered off of me and I headed to Hinton to have dinner with my friend, Raven Nightsong. It was so good to see her and I had a great time.

Tomorrow I will finish the final part of the cleaning project. Dust, vacuum, clean the windows, mirrors and put clean linens and blankets on the bed. I actually washed every blanket and comforter I found in the closet. And then maybe I will start on my previously planned project. To clean out the little building near the garage. I really want to do that before winter.

However, my inner self may come up with another project before I can get to that. We will see.
All I know is I feel like a big weight was lifted off of me and I can breath deeper. I don't know why I feel that way but I do. And its good! It pleases me deeply.

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