Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What I learned from my Tomato Plants

I harvested 12 tomatoes from my tomato plants. And they are beautiful. I am grateful for their heroic efforts to produce despite my amateur gardening skills. It was my first attempt at planting a garden and I learned a lot.

I loved watching every step of the growth of the plants from tiny to large. My heart was strengthened by the way the plants effort to thrive combined with my effort to nurture.

I have learned something really valuable from this. About gardening and about life. My life expands with my attempts to venture outside my comfort zones of experience and knowledge. To have a desire to take a step toward something that is beyond my experience was the first step. To find out the rudimentary first steps for aiming myself to align with the desire to learn something new.

From this action I acquired more knowledge about growing vegetables. Especially tomatoes. They need a place with more direct morning sunlight. They require a lot of water. The ground around their roots requires a healing space that is free of choking weeds. They need extra food that sometimes the ground does not provide.

This experience has made my heart happy. Now that I know a little bit more about the tomatoes by watching and nurturing their growth, I am so grateful for the small harvest that I was able to receive. To me it was huge. Now it's time to help the plants to their next cycle.

And in the rest of my life to remember these simple techniques to expand away from my comfort zone. Just take the step, learn, experience the challenge and take the next step.

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