Thursday, June 14, 2012

Issues of Healing

I am all about healing. First for my own self healing and the healing of others. Healing is a primary focus for me now. Especially emotional healing. I have found that many of my physical ailments are rooted in unresolved, repressed and unprocessed emotions. I can see that this is the case for most of us.

As a nurse in a clinical setting, my primary focus has to be clinically appropriate and that means I follow doctor's orders, assess patients in a scientific way and monitor conditions. It is becoming more difficult for me to do patient care in this way. In my mind it compartmentalizes and focuses only on the physical body instead of treating the whole body, mind and spirit. It is beginning not to make much sense to me.

My healing modalities of choice are: Reiki, Auric Circulation and Cleansing, Chakra Cleansing and Balancing, Meditation, Plant Medicine and Shamanic Healing. There are more but these I have been formally trained or I am in the process of receiving formal training for.

Reiki and Meditation are the methods I use the most. The other ones I mentioned are much more involved and require more time for planning and delivery.

I actually have a small Reiki practice...and yes, I even do long distance treatments for people who call me and ask me to.

While my clinical practice as a nurse and my practice as an energy healer are different in procedure and structure; the two things that are the same for both practices.

First and foremost: I only give treatment to those who have requested the treatment and gave permission for it.

Second and as important as the first one: I guard the privacy of my clients in both settings and that means I regard the treatment I give, any information about the client that I know because of giving treatment to be privileged and very confidential.

These two things are very important to me in both of my practices, morally and ethically.

Years ago when I began learning about Reiki and receiving my attunements for each level; I was amazed at how subtle yet soothing Reiki felt. I wanted to Reiki everyone and everything. I thought it would be good for everyone.

I didn't do this because in my very first Reiki class, the teacher spent an enormous amount of time explaining that a practitioner never gives a treatment without the potential recipient's direct request for Reiki and permission to treat. No matter how beneficial the treatment would be for the person, it would be ethically or morally incorrect without permission.

I have strictly observed this from the beginning of my Reiki practice. Even though at first I didn't understand. Now, I have a clearer knowing of why this is important. People have their reasons for not wanting Reiki or other types of "energy" healing. That is their right. It is not for me or anyone else to decide for them.

Privacy issues are very important as well. When giving any type of "energy" healing to someone, it affects them on every level. Physical, Emotional and Etheric. A lot of times emotions are released during a treatment and the client will cry, become angry or need to talk about issues that they have buried for years. The client needs to trust and know the practitioner will respect and honor the confidential nature of the treatment and all it entails.

I feel the trust and respect between the practitioner and the client is one of the basis of a successful and beneficial treatment.

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