Thursday, June 7, 2012

New Endeavors

I have had a fairly busy week. Busy in good and healthy ways. I started out kind of slow and then the pace picked up. It's fine as long as I don't become stubbornly focused on self imposed deadlines. As long as I can stay in my "own flow" while accomplishing things.

Tomorrow I am going to do something I have never done in my life. I have huge amounts of household items. There is no way I would ever use this stuff. I already gave one salvation truck load..(and I mean loaded)..away to Salvation Army. I have 11 or 12 boxes full of things. Mostly ceramic and glass items. They are so pretty but how many do I need?? My mother treasured these things. But I need the room and I have my own taste. My daughter has already chosen the things she wants to keep. My son is not interested in decorative glassware and ceramics. No matter how old they are.

These boxes are sitting in my living room. They gotta go. That's for sure. I thought about selling the stuff at a flea market. But, honestly, I need help lugging this stuff and my little car is not big enough to haul enough to make it worthwhile. My "husband to be" cannot do it because he works long, long hours all week. Especially the weekends. I am not whining but I don't know anyone here that would be interested or able to help me haul this stuff.

I thought about advertising in the "Mountain Trader". But I am a bit leary about total strangers coming to my house. I moved here from an area that you simply could not risk that. It imprinted on me. Same with a garage sale. I simply can't imagine strange people milling around my house and garage. It is unsettling to me. Yeah, I got baggage about this..I can see it.

Then I considered E-bay..or Amazon. But sending each piece through the mail would be a pain.

I decided to try Consignment stores. The deal is with cosignment is if they agree to sell your stuff..they keep 40percent and you get 60 percent. Fair enough.

I go tomorrow with a few boxes of my stuff to have them assess whether they would be interested in selling them or not. Today I will resort and get boxes ready that I can carry easily. I am kind of excited. I decided to add some glass snack plates from the 60's. The kind that have a cup holder..and an accompanying delicate little cup.

I remember my mother using those when I was a little girl. Back in the day when ladies got together for a meetings, Tupperware and Stanley parties, card parties etc...they dressed up.
I mean stockings, gloves, dresses and high heels. It was kind of glamorous. Ok..back to the subject at hand.

I am kind of excited about this. I only made one appointment. I may try some others. 60 percent of something that is laying around collecting dust and will either get given away or broken?? Works for me. If that works I would like to sell a couple of chairs and get a Futon for my little sitting/meditation room. And I need a new vacuum cleaner.

If I had no duct tape the handle would fall off. My partner keeps telling me to go and get a new one..but I want it to be a trade off. I sell some things I don't need and will never use and buy some things I want.

I am off of work today. goals are: 1)Continue working on my continuing education units so I can renew my nursing license 2)go through the boxes to pick out and repack what I plan to take with me tomorrow after I get out of work. (I had to make an appointment for them to check my stuff out.)3) I need to continue cutting the yard. 4) Make dinner for my love before he heads out for another 14 hour day. There is more like planting the herbs sprouts I am growing on the porch. Cut the old blooms off my rose bushes. And yeah, as always, clean the house.

But trying to cram too much to stay on some kind of schedule is not going to work for me. I learned that from the last two weeks. I didn't move here to keep up the patterns I had in Virginia. I will pick two or three things that are the most important..and the rest will wait.

Ok..That's all I have to say for now. Except that I am feeling much better. Gotta get to work now.

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