Saturday, June 2, 2012

The State of Acceptance and The Day to Day Process

Things feel a bit more settled and I feel less uncomfortable. Everything here pretty much came to a standstill...I struggled against my own current and it just did not work out.

I am still trying to see what direction I am headed...I feel a pull and a rising "assurance"
deep inside me. I pretty much had to just stop my routines, physical goals, intended productivity etc and take a good long look at myself. I was pretty much forced to put myself in a State of Acceptance. Which included acknowledging that physically I hurt all over, my routines were systematically dismantled. I needed to stop all activity to sense and observe the subtle patterns emerging. From there, I began taking tiny baby steps..minute by minute.

I am still not entirely in "The Flow", however, I am closer to it. My focus right now is on "Meditation'.

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