Saturday, June 23, 2012


It's been over a week since I last wrote. It's not that I didn't want to or I ran out of things to say. No, indeed. After a few unsuccessful attempts to write here, it finally occurred to me that I am not supposed to right now. I am in "Observation" mode.

What am I scrutinizing and studying so closely? I am observing life patterns. Particularly mine.
Things that I had done unconsciously for years and years, I am noticing. I believe it is helping me approach healing in a more effective manner

Life here in the physical plane, in this country, is in the process of change. The change started long ago but it's like anything else. We will hang on to the old ways through tooth and nail. It reminds me of trying to stay in a house that is getting ready to fall. Held together with duct tape and wire. Sometimes we need to just let go of the old ways, walk out of that tumbling down house and stop trying to hold the old ways together.

Of course, it is stressful to move out of comfort zones...but the fear and anxiety that is generated from trying desperately to keep things the "way they were" causes way more stress in the long run. I am no different than everyone else except I have had some experience with drastic changes.

I never get used to it..but I have started to recognize some of the signs that life, as I know it, is changing..faster and faster. Now it is happening on a larger scale.

Life as we knew it, in this country, is over. The foundations we believed in..the trust that we had of those in positions of power to work for the good of all was just a huge illusion. Like the Tower card in the Tarot...A flash of insight reveals the painful but necessary truth. The longer we try and hold the illusions together, we are only deluding ourselves and prolonging the inevitable.

We are all responsible for our own well being. And scary as this all sounds, it is best to know the truth. It is best to face it, process it and then see things for the way they really are here. Observe the situation and then proceed, one step at a time.

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