Saturday, September 22, 2012

Blessed Aura, Deeper Being

My work pertains uniquely to the movement of energy throughout the aura.

The aura is the first line of defense for the total being, on all levels...just as the skin is for the physical body.

Everything begins with energy.  It defines the motion of connects with all.

Like Blood, Auric energy needs to circulate freely and unobstructed through the energy channels.

The most important beginning for meditation is to circulate the energy properly through mind direction and breathing.

It is more important than any mantra...for it aims the energy to The Source and allows the Deep Being to come forth and communicate with the Inner Planes.

To see an aura or even feel it is not as important as having the faith that it is there.

The same with circulating the auric energy.  In physics atoms have proved to behave differently when there is focus directed upon them.

I teach meditation happens easily when the auric energy is properly circulated, all energy centers open and flowing.  Which is the basis of my work...opening energy centers and stimulating nodes on the energy meridians of the body.

Each time a being deliberately circulates the strengthens and expands the aura.  This lends a sense of well being and deep peace.

 I use this as a precursor to all of my workings.   It always gives a deeper sense of reverence  to my workings.  And increases my focus and vibrational awareness.

All Things come from The Source, no matter what the Nomenclature.  Ask The Source for Guidance, and it will be given.

Through joy, sorrow, pain and pleasure..the more contact a being has with The Source, the more balanced our being becomes.  For the Deep Being is our connection with acquired wisdom and our spirituality.  It intersects at the heart...with all other systems.  It is the seat of the will when the emotions/ego and personality that is the main focus of the conscious mind, has been controlled and brought into appropriate line of hierarchy.   

May our paths cross in wonder and in support of each other.

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