Thursday, September 13, 2012

Growing into My Spaces

I continue to move forward in my renewed and reconfigured pace.  Today I went to work as usual.  Stopped at the store to pick up last minute ingredients for the birthday cake I am making for my love.  It is his birthday tomorrow.  I stopped at the post office and checked the mail.  I noticed on the drive home that I felt a new level of calm.

I carried the groceries into the house. (of course I got more than just a couple of things).  After putting things away and greeting my dog I started heating up dinner.  My partner works nights so he was still sleeping.  About 3:30 pm he got up.  We greeted each other and sat down to dinner.  It is a pleasant and comforting routine that we do everyone of his workdays.  It is a routine I treasure.  After dinner I cleaned the kitchen while he showered and dressesd for work.  I made him a thermos of coffee and we both had a cup together before he left.

He left for work at 5pm and I decided to mow my lawn for an hour.  My lawn is HUGE.  After accomplishing this I put some laundry in to wash, ran the dishwasher and began making the cake.  After cleaning up the cake making mess, I realized I was tired.  Tired, yet  satisfied and content.

I am resting a bit and then I will do the next step of the "psychic cleansing" project I began last night for my home.  But right now I am just sitting here thinking about what a nice day it has been.  A good week.  I am grateful.

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