Sunday, September 9, 2012


I am working through the "psychic/emotional" dilemma of the past few days.   It is settling around me and I feel much calmer.  The impact of this event is not resolved.  I don't think it is meant to be resolved.  However, I stopped resisting this force pulsing within me.  I have reached a state of acceptance.  What is happening is happening.  I am not trying to change it, shove it away, push against it or escape.  What I feel inside,  what I perceive as phenomena around me will be as it is.  I am willing to stand still and accept this experience.  Whatever it may be.  I still don't know exactly.  I am in observation mode now.

Although I still feel a strong current of sadness, frustration and anger within me.  It remains an uncomfortable current.  Like a flood of feeling channeling through me.  But instead of going around in circles and lashing out, I am consciously processing the coursing uncomfortable energies.

I know in time I will have learned something valuable from this cycle.  But as I am writing this, I sense a change within me.  That's all.  I can't make any sense of this.  I won't even try right now.  I will continue to process and observe the sensations.   As I move along, step by step, I will reconfigure and change whatever is necessary to put me in the correct "Flow".  

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