Monday, September 17, 2012

Contemplation and Environmental Scanning

My already strange life has taken a definitive turn.  I have undertaken a thorough cleansing of my home.  I have reinforced my "fences" around the perimeter of my living space.

I am paying closer attention to the condition of my aura.  I scan it daily to find any weak or torn spots.  And now I find myself sensing and  scanning the energy of whatever area I am in.  Wherever I go, whoever I come in contact with.   I am not sure why I am doing this.  All this started two weeks ago.  I had an incident occur.  I still don't feel comfortable talking about but it definitely woke something up within me.  Something that appears to have been dozing or not paying attention.

I was surprised and I admit, rather grateful.  It was a much needed trigger.  Difficult but beneficial in the long run.

My mind chatter has quieted a lot.  I am more grounded and much more observant of my environment, on all levels.  I am utilizing many of the tools and disciplines I have learned along the way this life span.  And maybe a few carried over from a past one.

As I said before, I have no idea why I am doing this but it feels so correct.  I will continue until my Inner Guidance sends further instructions.  In the meantime I am calm, peaceful and alert.    My energy centers are flowing well, my aura is strong.  I am ready.  For what?  I have no idea.

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