Monday, June 20, 2011

Immersed in Reiki

I have practiced Reiki for quite a few years and still I am amazed by the power and feeling of Reiki.  Since I have been on my "Sabbatical"  I routinely give myself Reiki at least once and sometimes several times a day, along with daily meditation time.

Last night I began scanning my aura with my non dominant hand above my body.  This is called, "Byosen scanning".  I find I use it more and more.   I scan auras a little differently, usually but more and more I have been practicing this method and I am finding it more and more compatible to my purpose and intent of Reiki treatment.

As I said I was utilizing this method last night and I sensed a real strange tingling cold sensation between my first root chakra (located at the base of the spine) and the second chakra (located two inches or so below the navel).

I engaged the Reiki symbols I chose for this area and held my hands above the area..I could feel it in my aura so strong.  Stronger than if I had laid my hands against my skin.   I could sense my Guidance urging me on so I kept with it..first to my aura and then laying my hands directly on my body in this area.

It was intense.  I felt some discomfort  and then I had the sensation of a popping inside me.   Then a rush of energy burst through me.  I circulated and processed it and it finally calmed down. My windows were making sharp pinging noises the energy was so intense.  I don't remember my dreams but before I slept I remember having flashes of places and people..but now I can't call it up or identify the places or people I saw.

 I followed up this morning with another treatment to that area.  The area itself feels a little sore but relieved.  Relief from what I have no idea.  I didn't even know there was such a blockage there.

I think it is safe to say I am immersed in Reiki at this time.   Among other things.  I think what I am really immersed in is Wholeness...the intent to be whole.

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